New Stitch Dooney & Bourke Collection Available at Walt Disney World

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A collection of blue floral pattern handbags and wallets displayed on a marble countertop. The items feature tan leather accents and metal brand tags.

New Stitch Dooney & Bourke Collection Available at Walt Disney World

Three new Stitch Dooney & Bourke bags are now available for purchase at Walt Disney World.

Stitch Dooney & Bourke Collection

Display of blue floral handbags and accessories on a wooden shelf, with a mannequin featuring a crossbody bag. A sign indicates a 40% discount on nearby racks of colorful clothing.

We found all three bags for sale in Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom. All three feature the same pattern.

Stitch Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Bag – $228

A hand is holding a blue and brown Dooney & Bourke bag with a floral and character pattern on a stone surface.

This crossbody bag is a stretched, flat square shape. The main panels of the bag are navy blue, with light blue and white accents. Stitch can be seen crawling across and sitting upon leaves and hibiscus flowers.

The front panel includes a slip pocket and a gold-tone Dooney & Bourke badge laid over a tan leather backing.

A hand holds a blue handbag adorned with a floral and character pattern. The bag has leather handles and sits on a marble countertop.

The Stitch pattern continues on the back. There’s even an image of Stitch holding a frog with his ears folded back.

A person holding a blue patterned handbag with a panda design. The handbag has brown leather accents and is displayed on a granite countertop next to a matching wallet.

The bag also includes tan leather accents lining the pockets, at the sides, and for the strap.

A hand holds the bottom of a blue bag with a floral pattern and images of a small cartoon character. More similar bags are in the background on a marble surface.

The bottom of the bag is flat but there are no metal feet to help keep it upright.

A hand opens the zipper of a blue patterned bag with brown straps, revealing tissue paper inside. The bag is resting on a granite countertop.

The inside of the bag is lined with light blue, unpatterned fabric, and features a slip pocket.

Stitch Dooney & Bourke Wristlet Wallet – $188

A hand holding a blue Dooney & Bourke wallet featuring white Stitch illustrations and floral patterns.

The wallet is rectangular and features the same Stitch pattern as the crossbody bag. A gold-tone Dooney & Bourke badge sits over a tan leather patch. Like the rest of the collection, the hardware is gold-tone and features tan leather accents.

Hand holding a blue wallet with a pattern featuring cartoon characters and tropical leaves.

A slip pocket is on the back of the wallet for cash.

A hand is holding an open wallet with a brown interior. The wallet contains a folded piece of paper and an informational card. A blue handbag with a skull and floral pattern is in the background.

The inside of the wallet is tan and features multiple pockets for everything you need to carry. If you can’t make it to Magic Kingdom, you can also find this wallet for sale online from the Disney Store.

Stitch Dooney & Bourke Tote Bag – $268

A blue handbag with a floral pattern and brown leather straps is displayed on a marble surface. A person in a white shirt is visible in the background.

This tote bag features the largest visual area of the Stitch pattern, accented by a tan leather zipper pull and straps. The hardware is gold-tone, and a Dooney & Bourke badge sits at the top center.

A blue handbag with brown handles featuring a floral pattern and cartoon characters is displayed on a store counter. Several similar bags are seen in the background.

There are no extra slip pockets on the back of the tote.

Blue floral-patterned handbag with cartoon characters on a marble counter, displayed in a store with two employees in the background wearing face masks.

Unlike the crossbody above, the bottom of this tote has gold-tone metal feet and leather accents, to help the bag stand upright when placed on a flat surface.

A hand holding open a blue designer bag with a floral interior pattern, revealing tissue paper inside.

The lining of the bag is also light blue, with a slip pocket inside. It is also available for purchase online from the Disney Store.

Will you add any of these new Stitch-themed Dooney & Bourke bags to your collection? Is Stitch your favorite character? Let us know in the comments.

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