A performance stage at night showcasing colorful lights and pyrotechnics. Mickey Mouse, seen in a wizard costume, commands the scene in Disney's Fantasmic. Multiple images capture different parts of the stage with fiery displays and special effects.

FULL SHOW VIDEO: Fantasmic! Returns to Disneyland 1 Year After Dragon Fire With New Finale

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“Fantasmic!” resumed performances at Disneyland Park one year after a sudden pause due to a fire that destroyed the show’s Maleficent dragon figure.

“Fantasmic!” Returns

Colorful water fountains and lights display against a dark night sky with silhouettes of people in the foreground.

“Fantasmic!” is mostly the same as it was prior to the April 2023 fire but there are two major changes, which Disney previously announced.

A tall ship with illuminated sails and rigging in the night, featuring figures of humans climbing on the masts and rigging, and bright lights in the background.

The “Peter Pan” sequence using the Sailing Ship Columbia was restored. In 2016, the original “Peter Pan” section was replaced with a Pirates of the Caribbean sequence, which ran until the 2023 hiatus.

A tall ship with illuminated sails and rigging is seen at night. The ship is ornately detailed with visible ropes and wooden structures.
A tall ship with complex rigging is illuminated at night. Crew members are positioned on the deck and climbing the rigging.
A tall ship with a sail featuring a skull and crossbones is illuminated at night. Figures dressed in pirate attire are visible on the ship's masts.
DLR DL Fantasmic new finale 4

The other big change is with the show’s climactic sequence. Mickey still battles Maleficent, however, she stays in her humanoid form instead of transforming into a dragon.

DLR DL Fantasmic new finale 5

Maleficent is lifted 35 feet into the air by a rising tower, putting her approximately at the same height as her dragon figure.

DLR DL Fantasmic new finale 1

The exit music that plays after the show is the original from 1992.

A large, illuminated steamboat adorned with various decorations sails at night, featuring people on its decks and a skull and bones design near the top.

Watch our video of the updated “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland below.

“Fantasmic!” History

Mickey and Maleficent dragon during Fantasmic! at Disneyland
“Murphy,” the former Maleficent dragon figure in “Fantasmic!”

“Fantasmic!” debuted at Disneyland Park on May 13, 1992. Another version opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on October 15, 1998. A third version ran at Tokyo DisneySea from April 28, 2011, to February 29, 2020.

During the climactic sequence of “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland on April 22, 2023, the Maleficent dragon burst into flames. The dragon already tended to break down, leading to fans aptly naming it “Murphy” after Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Murphy was destroyed by the fire and six Cast Members were treated for smoke inhalation. The show was temporarily suspended as were similar fire effects at Disney Parks worldwide. Disney ultimately announced the show would not return until spring 2024 and that Maleficent would not appear in her dragon form.

Disneyland replaced “Fantasmic!” with temporary entertainment on Rivers of America, including “The Heartbeat of New Orleans — A Living Mural.” In November 2023, they announced the return date for “Fantasmic!” In April 2024, they released “Fantasmic!” showtimes. Earlier this month, reservations opened for “Fantasmic!” dining packages. Days before “Fantasmic!” returned, Disney shared a few clips and photos of the updated show.

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