REVIEW: Annual Passholder-Exclusive Stitch Cake Cone Arrives at EPCOT

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Stitch Cake Cone held in front of The Land Pavilion

REVIEW: Annual Passholder-Exclusive Stitch Cake Cone Arrives at EPCOT

Stitch-inspired Annual Passholder exclusives are now available at EPCOT for V.I.PASSHOLDER Days from May 1 to June 26. At Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion, Passholders can purchase the exclusive Stitch Cake Cone.

Cast member holding a Stitch Cake Cone next to a sign for the treat

Walt Disney World Passholders must present their valid Annual Pass and a government-issued photo ID to purchase the cone.

A receipt with "1rst Buyer" and an animal drawn on top

We were the first to purchase the Stitch Cake Cone and Cast Members wrote “1st Buyer” on our receipt!

Stitch Cake Cone – $6.49

Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Coconut Buttercream and Mango-flavored Crisps

A blue Stitch-inspired cake ball in a blue ice cream cone held in front of Sunshine Seasons

The treat puts a ball of cake covered in blue coconut shavings on a blue-dyed ice cream cone. The cake is topped with a flower and Stitch ears.

wdw epcot ap stitch cake cone 4825

This delightful and exclusive little celebration dessert is delicious and interesting. The vanilla chiffon cake is moist. It pairs perfectly with the blue flakes of coconut on top and the coconut buttercream below.

Stitch Cake Cone with bite missing revealing yellow cake interior

The mango-flavored crisps inside are different sizes so you may get more or less of that tart pop with each bite. It’s a nice and interesting surprise compared to the rest of the flavors which are fairly mild to us. The mango isn’t all that noticeable but rather gives more depth to the dessert.

A flower and chocolate Stitch ears on top of a cake ball covered in blue shavings

Stitch’s ears are made of white chocolate. The flower is also edible and gives the treat a complete Hawai’ian look. The downside is you do turn blue while eating this.

The side of the Stitch Cake Cone

This is a fun dessert for kids or anyone who likes a more tame option. We think Disney did well with this treat and most people will enjoy it. However, guests with texture sensitivity probably won’t like the mango crisps in the otherwise moist cake. And we would personally prefer something with more bold flavors.

Back of the Stitch Cake Cone

Rating out of 7: 4

Stitch Cake Cone and Stitch Annual Passholder magnet

The complimentary Stitch Annual Passholder magnet is also available at EPCOT. Read more about V.I.PASSHOLDER Days offerings.

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