REVIEW: New ‘Moana’ Kakamora-Inspired Brownie Mousse at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannen Ace

A hand holds a Kakamora-inspired chocolate dessert with a cartoonish face and horn, set against a backdrop of a large tree with a waterfall feature.

REVIEW: New ‘Moana’ Kakamora-Inspired Brownie Mousse at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a new dessert inspired by “Moana.” The “Fear the Kakamora Brownie Mousse” is available at Creature Comforts, the park’s Starbucks location.

Creature Comforts sign and entrance

Fear the Kakamora Brownie Mousse – $6.79

A Kakamora-themed brownie mousse, decorated with a mask face, chocolate spikes, and a white chocolate topping, displayed on a white plate in a dessert showcase. Price tag reads, "Fear the Kakamora Brownie Mousse 6.79.

Fear the Kakamora Brownie Mousse features a chocolate brownie dusted with peppermint powdered sugar. That’s topped with a chocolate coconut piñata filled with coconut pineapple mousse. There are purple and green frosting decorations. The Kakamora’s is a white chocolate medallion. 

A hand holds a decorative chocolate dessert with a cartoonish face and propeller hat, set against a backdrop of a tree with a waterfall feature.

The only thing to fear from this delicious dessert is the mess that comes with it! This tiny morsel packs a punch of flavors. Starting with the base, the brownie is definitely more cake than fudge, so it’s lighter than anticipated, which is great in Florida’s heat. We liked the subtle hints of peppermint dusted over it.

A close-up of a small, colorful, monster-like figurine with a yellow face, purple horns, and an open mouth, placed on a gray surface inside a clear plastic container with green foliage in the background.

The piñata steals the show, however. The sweet notes of the coconut and pineapple complement the chocolate. The piñata also adds so much to what would otherwise be a lackluster brownie.

A chocolate dessert shaped like a round creature with a yellow angry face, purple limbs, and a white propeller above its head, presented on a decorative base inside a plastic case.

We could have done without the frosting details. The horn is fine — although it did fall off as soon as it hit the heat and everything started melting. The purple and green frosting will let everyone else know what you ate today.

A round, decorated dessert with a face, purple ears, and a yellow propeller on top sits in an open plastic container outdoors.

It’s a very messy but very tasty dessert. We recommend picking it up on your way out and taking it back to your resort room to eat so you don’t look like the purple people eater.

A partially-eaten dessert features a chocolate coating, a creamy interior with a yellow filling, and purple decorative elements, served in a clear plastic container.

It’s Instagrammable, fun, and experimental. Skip it if you don’t like coconut or chocolate.

Rating out of 7: 5

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