Water tower labeled "tiana's foods" adorned with a crown, set against a cloudy sky and surrounded by greenery and scaffolding.

Scaffolding Removed From Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Water Tower at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

More scaffolding has come down since our last Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction update at Disneyland Park.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

People walk by a construction barrier with posters about mardi gras and tiana's foods at a theme park, with a partially visible, tree-covered building behind it under cloudy skies.

Last time we checked on the attraction, scaffolding surrounded the Tiana’s Foods water tower. Crews were working on the base of the tower’s barrel.

Water tower labeled "tiana's foods" adorned with a crown, set against a cloudy sky and surrounded by greenery and scaffolding.

That scaffolding is now all gone. The water tower features the Tiana’s Foods logo and a topper resembling Tiana’s lily flower tiara. The company is a fictional co-op founded by Tiana after the events of “The Princess and the Frog.”

A large rock feature under renovation, surrounded by scaffolding and covered by a grey sky.

There’s still scaffolding around some of the fake trees and millhouse. The mill’s roofing was removed, revealing black sheathing. There seem to have not been any major changes to the building in the past week.

Large artificial rock structure covered in greenery, partially obscured by scaffolding, under a cloudy sky.

White and pink flowers cover the dome of the former mountain. In the story of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, it’s an old salt mine that Tiana’s Foods has taken over. The opening of the ride’s drop doesn’t feature any props, but the Florida version of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — which is a few months ahead in construction — has colorful bottle lanterns visible.

A whimsical building resembling a giant rock covered in greenery and flowers, with scaffolding around it for construction or maintenance.

Crews are still adding more foliage to the cliffs of the facade, making it more and more green.

A rustic water tower adorned with green plants, situated atop a hill with scaffolding and a tree in the foreground under a cloudy sky.

Vines wind up the legs of the water tower and the supports of the elevated track.

Scaffolding and wooden planks set up among greenery, overlooking a construction site with visible ladders and tools.

While significant testing of the attraction hasn’t begun, we could see signs that crews have run water through the flume.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open this summer at Magic Kingdom but “later” in the year at Disneyland.

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