A pair of outdoor speakers mounted on a pole with green tree foliage in the background.

Speakers Return to Disneyland Parade Route After One Fell in Guest Path

Shannen Ace

Speakers and their support poles have returned to Disneyland Park after almost seven weeks. The poles were removed after one fell in a guest path in early April.

Disneyland Parade Route Speakers

People at Disneyland walking in front of a mountain-themed amusement park ride, with trees and a fence in the foreground.

The speakers can be seen along the park’s parade path. The poles and speakers themselves are “Go Away Green,” meant to blend in with the surrounding trees and foliage so they aren’t immediately obvious to guests.

A small, overgrown garden area with various plants and flowers, including white roses. In the center, a large stone is partially obscured by foliage. People are gathered in the background.

A fake rock still sits where the speaker pole that fell used to be. There were no reported injuries due to the incident.

A crowd of people gathers in a park-like setting with lamp posts and speakers visible. Backdrop includes large trees, a gazebo tent, and a castle structure partially visible in the distance.

Each pole has two speakers mounted at the top.

A sunny park with large trees, benches, and people walking and sitting. A cannon and a trimmed spherical bush are visible in the foreground. A brick building can be seen in the background.

Disney likely ensured all of the speakers and poles were secure when they reinstalled them.

A public speaker and lighting fixture are mounted on a pole next to a leafy tree in an outdoor setting.

Last year, a lamppost fell in Town Square, injuring multiple guests. If one of these speakers collided with someone, they could do serious harm.

Close-up of two large outdoor speakers mounted on a metal pole, surrounded by green foliage.

The speaker poles are all in flowerbeds, not directly in walkways. But they’re tall enough that they could hit someone walking by if they fall.

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