Full Tour of ‘Frozen’ Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

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Interior of an opulent hall with ornate purple lighting, arched ceilings, rows of wooden chairs, and vibrant stained glass designs.

Full Tour of ‘Frozen’ Royal Banquet of Arendelle in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

When Fantasy Springs opens at Tokyo DisneySea this summer, guests will be able to dine inside Arendelle Castle in the port’s Frozen Kingdom area. Tokyo Disney Resort has revealed the first full look inside the Royal Banquet of Arendelle.

Royal Banquet of Arendelle Cast Members

Two employees in themed uniforms smiling and waving in front of a castle-like entrance with a sign reading "royal banquet hall.

Royal Banquet of Arendelle Cast Members wear purple vests over light blue shirts and green pants/skirts with white aprons.

Two employees in traditional attire standing in front of a themed restaurant at an amusement park.

The vests feature Nordic detailing.

Arendelle Castle Exterior

A nordic-style wooden building with sharp gabled roofs and decorative carvings under a clear blue sky, with a snow-capped mountain in the background.

The restaurant is inside Arendelle Castle. Guests will walk through the castle’s courtyard with two fountains and lampposts decorated with the Arendelle flag.

A grand, ornate wooden building with steep, pointed roofs and decorative turrets, under a clear blue sky.

The castle has triangular gables and pointed spires. It features wooden columns and dark brown roofs shingles.

Sunny day view of a themed park entrance with ornate stone walls, wooden gates, and decorative lampposts.
Twilight view of a fairy tale-inspired village with pointed roofs and a glowing mountain in the background.
Twilight view of a quaint village square with lit lampposts, a central fountain, and classic timber-framed buildings under a dusky sky.
View through an archway of an ornate, castle-like hotel entrance illuminated at twilight, featuring pointed roofs and a cobblestone forecourt.
Front view of an ornate fairytale castle with intricate wooden carvings and multiple spires, under a clear blue sky.

The castle and decorations feature the Golden Crocus, the symbol of Arendelle and the namesake for Hong Kong Disneyland’s “Frozen” restaurant.

Wooden sign reading "royal banquet of arendelle" in colorful letters, adorned with a shield and decorative metal elements, mounted on a stone structure.

Royal Banquet of Arendelle Interior

A waitress serving drinks in a vibrant, ornately decorated restaurant with high ceilings, chandeliers, and patrons dining at wooden tables.

The Royal Banquet of Arendelle menu includes meat pies, fish salad, and Olaf’s Marshmallow Cocoa Mousse.

Interior of a themed restaurant with patrons dining at wooden tables, walls adorned with framed paintings, and a vibrant, decorative ceiling.
Elegant entryway with wood-paneled walls, stained glass door, vibrant tapestries, geometric ceiling patterns, and a table adorned with yellow flowers.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with banners and paintings we’ve seen at various “Frozen” destinations at Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line.

A decorative tapestry featuring a geometric and celestial design hangs on a wall between a wooden door and a lit torch-style lamp.

There are tapestries of young Elsa and Anna framing this doorway.

tdr tds fs royal banquet of arendelle interior 6
Elegant hallway with wooden beams, intricate red and gold wallpaper, and a large landscape painting, illuminated by hanging lanterns.

This hallway has red wallpaper and white wainscoting.

Interior of a warmly lit hallway with patterned wallpaper, wooden panels, and a large landscape painting, complemented by a striped carpet and hanging lanterns.
Interior view of an empty, warmly lit pub with wooden beams, hanging lanterns, and green-trimmed walls, featuring bar counters and framed pictures.

Guests will order in a room featuring brown and green paneling.

Interior of a themed restaurant with wooden decor, featuring a vibrant green wall, hanging lamps, and a decorative clock displaying the number 1.
Interior of a cozy store with green wooden walls featuring a large framed painting of a picnic scene, illuminated by warm hanging lamps. shelves with goods line the background.
Framed painting of a family picnic in a forest, depicting two adults and a child on a checkered blanket with a basket and food, mounted on a green wooden wall.
A cozy vintage kitchen interior with green walls, rows of stacked white plates, wooden shelves filled with colorful kitchenware, and pendant lights.
Assorted cakes and pastries displayed under glass domes on wooden counters, with decorative plates on the wall and a bouquet of yellow flowers.
Assorted cakes and pastries under glass domes on a wooden counter in a bakery, decorated with floral arrangements in the background.
Spacious dining hall with wooden tables and chairs, decorated with vibrant wallpaper, ceiling beams, and chandeliers. art and stained glass adorn the walls.

Guests will dine in various rooms of the castle. This room features square tables that can be arranged close to each other for a banquet feel.

Warmly lit traditional dining room with wooden tables and chairs, ornate chandeliers, and wall portraits.

The chairs have red upholstery matching the wallpaper. There are blue benches along the walls.

Two framed portraits of animated female characters on a wall with ornate red and gold wallpaper.
Interior of a traditional dining hall with wooden chairs and tables, patterned walls, framed paintings, and a beamed ceiling.
tdr tds fs royal banquet of arendelle interior 20
Interior of a round wooden conference room with a large oval table and chairs, surrounded by multiple arched windows and a chandelier.
Interior of a spacious dining hall with wooden tables and chairs, stained glass windows, and intricate wall decorations.

A round table is painted like a sunflower.

Interior view of an ornate hall with rows of chairs, vaulted ceiling, purple carpets, and intricate geometric floor design.

Guests can also dine in the ballroom where Elsa’s magic powers were first revealed.

Elegant interior of a hall with ornate wooden doors partially open, revealing rows of red upholstered chairs and stained glass ceiling panels.

They enter through large doors feature golden decorative elements.

Interior of an opulent hall with ornate purple lighting, arched ceilings, rows of wooden chairs, and vibrant stained glass designs.
Interior of a grand dining hall with high vaulted ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and colorful stained glass designs, featuring rows of wooden tables and chairs.
Interior of a grand hall with ornate wooden doors, tall triangular stained glass windows, and a regal throne under a glowing triangular emblem.

The Arendelle throne is at the top of the long room.

Interior of a grand, vintage-style meeting hall with rows of wooden chairs facing a speaker's podium, adorned with chandeliers, wooden ceiling beams, and portrait paintings on the walls.

Another room featured in the films is the portrait gallery, which Anna dances through during “For the First Time in Forever.”

Elegant dining hall with wooden tables and chairs, adorned with portrait paintings on the walls, chandeliers, and wall-mounted lamps.
Interior of a dining hall featuring wooden chairs along a long table, walls adorned with various framed paintings, and decorative, patterned wallpaper.

The walls are packed with paintings, including those inspired by real historical pieces.

A large framed painting of snow white and the seven dwarfs in a festive village scene, displayed on a wallpapered wall with decorative sconces.
Interior of a themed restaurant displaying various framed paintings on a patterned wall, including a portrait of the animated character olaf.

There are also portraits of “Frozen” characters like Olaf.

Large framed painting of six people in traditional attire hanging on a wall with decorative wallpaper, illuminated by wall-mounted lamps in an elegant room.
tdr tds fs royal banquet of arendelle interior 32
Elegant room decorated with framed paintings of disney characters on dark wallpapered walls, furnished with upholstered benches and wooden paneling.
tdr tds fs royal banquet of arendelle interior 34

This cozy room has green wallpaper and a large stone fireplace.

Interior of a vintage-style dining hall with wooden tables and chairs, ornate ceiling lamps, and framed portraits on patterned walls.
Interior of a traditional dining room with patterned wallpaper, ornate gold plates on wall, wooden furniture, and a long pink upholstered bench.
Painting of a young boy holding candles, standing at an altar with onlookers, in a gold frame on a patterned wall.
Vintage-themed room with patterned wallpaper, featuring two framed paintings, a decorative plate, and a wall-mounted lamp.
A portrait of a jovial, tattooed sailor hangs in a warmly lit room with classic decor and empty chairs in the background.
Elegant restaurant interior with wooden tables, cushioned chairs, patterned walls, and medieval-style artwork, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
A framed landscape painting displayed between two decorative banners hanging on a wall with an ornate red pattern.
Interior of a themed cafe with patrons and staff in vintage costumes, wood-paneled walls, and framed art.
Interior of a circular, wood-paneled restaurant with arched windows and a central chandelier, filled with people dining at wooden tables.
People dining and chatting in a warmly decorated restaurant with portrait paintings on the walls.
Rustic restaurant interior featuring wooden tables and chairs, ceiling fans, and iron chandeliers, with stone walls and large windows.

There is also covered outdoor seating.

Spacious restaurant interior with wooden tables and chairs, stone walls, and large windows, illuminated by hanging lights.

Fantasy Springs opens on June 6, 2024.

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