VIDEO: Disney Dreams That Soar Drone Show at Disney Springs

Brit Tuttle

A nighttime sky display shows the words "Disney Dreams That Soar" formed by illuminated drones, with a lake and lit buildings visible below.

VIDEO: Disney Dreams That Soar Drone Show at Disney Springs

The new Disney Springs drone show, “Disney Dreams That Soar,” held its Cast Member preview this morning, and we were able to attend and see the full show.

Disney Dreams That Soar

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The show begins with 800 drones flying up into the dark sky above from their landing area, as sweeping violins play and a woman sings the show’s main theme. An announcer then addresses the audience:

Good evening. Right here, underneath the starlit sky, a timeless venture is about to unfold. Inspired by the magic makers, heroes, and dreamers who have come before. Now, unleash your heart, let your imagination fly, and discover just where you’ll go as we present “Disney Dreams That Soar.”

The drones then transform into a stream of light not unlike Tinker Bell, as “You Can Fly” plays. The drones make the shapes of Big Ben and Peter Pan before moving into sections inspired by “Dumbo” and “Up” — complete with a full, 3-D creation of Carl’s floating house.

Other Disney and Pixar films represented in the show include “Coco,” “WALL-E,” “Star Wars.” For the latter, a massive Death Star formation appears in the sky, with green lasers shooting out from it and red lasers toward it.

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“Big Hero 6” is also represented with a formation of Baymax, both in his fluffy white form and his red suit. Marvel also gets a nod with “Guardians of the Galaxy,” before a quick appearance from Buzz Lightyear of “Toy Story.”

The show then moves into its theme song and finale, with formations of multiple Disney characters created by the drones. These include Mary Poppins, Zero from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Ray and Evangeline from “The Princess and the Frog,” and even Figment.

The full show is about 10 minutes long, but it takes approximately 14 minutes for the drones to complete the show and return to their launch station.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” will be performed in the evenings at 9 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. above Lake Buena Vista on Disney Springs West Side for a limited time, from May 24 through September 2. The hours of some Disney Springs offerings have been adjusted to make way for the performances. Guests can view the show along the waterfront at Disney Springs West Side, between the Cirque du Soleil Theatre and the Aerophile.

Watch our video of “Disney Dreams That Soar”:

This is not the first time that a drone show has taken to the skies above Disney Springs. In 2016, the shopping and entertainment district featured the limited-time “Starbright Holidays” drone show” with pre-programmed lighting designs and flight paths.

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