A store display featuring a mannequin adorned with colorful leis, surrounded by tropical decorations, wooden statues, and various merchandise including shirts and bottles. A person stands in the background.

All Hallows Eve Boutique Transformed Into ‘Monster Hideaway’ at Universal Islands of Adventure

Brit Tuttle

The All Hallows Eve Boutique in Universal Islands of Adventure has been rethemed for the summer into the “Monster Hideaway.”

All Hallows Eve Boutique Becomes ‘Monster Hideaway’

A rustic, rounded building with a sign reading "Monster Hideaway" above two ornate wooden doors, surrounded by greenery on a bright day.

The store has a new sign over the entrance for its new theme.

A weathered wooden sign above a doorway reads "Monster Hideaway" in red letters with Halloween-themed decorations around it. The door and wall are made of textured, worn stone and wood.

Taking inspiration from Polynesian pop and tiki-inspired art styles, the sign reads “All Hallows Eve Monster Hideaway.” The illustration has the store wordmark on a wooden plank, set between two carved sticks and over a repeating tiki pattern of bats, and other spooky iconography.

An open door with a decorative panel partially reveals a shop interior with colorful merchandise. Outside, there is a paved area with people and greenery under a sunny sky.

The tiki pattern is also present on the windows of the main doors.

A store display featuring a mannequin adorned with colorful leis, surrounded by tropical decorations, wooden statues, and various merchandise including shirts and bottles. A person stands in the background.

Upon entering the boutique, guests are greeted by a statue of The Bride of Frankenstein. She’s dressed for summer, wearing a white gown with a purple flower print, and leis in both hands and around her neck. A small array of flowers are in her white-striped hair.

The display in front of her features select merchandise for Halloween Horror Nights 33.

A store display shows a wall with an African-style mask and decorative panel. Below are racks of folded T-shirts. The wall is textured with orange and pink stones.

Masks and other decor hang from stone-covered walls.

A store display featuring patterned wall decor, orange and brown t-shirts on racks, plush toys, and small merchandise items on shelves and barrels.

Other merchandise available in the front of the store features the Universal Monsters.

Three figures wearing Halloween-themed costumes standing behind a bar filled with various decorations. The scene is illuminated with colorful lights, and fruit is displayed in the foreground.

Further into the store is the Laguna Lounge, populated by a Metaluna Mutant from “This Island Earth,” The Invisible Man, and The Mummy.

Two individuals in intricate, colorful costumes stand in a decorated room with green lighting. One wears an alien-like mask with brain-like features, while the other in bandages holds a metallic container.

Each character is dressed for the occasion, with the Metaluna Mutant wearing a yellow button-up shirt, a tiki jacket, and a fez.

Two Halloween-themed figures in costumes stand behind a decorated bar. One wears a wrapped face and sunglasses, pouring a drink, while the other is dressed as a mummy in a plaid jacket.

Behind the mutant, The Invisible Man wears a suede jacket and holds a cocktail shaker. The Mummy is looking extra dapper in a plaid jacket and red fez.

A green table with a colorful board game setup, including two game boards with intricate designs, game pieces, and a drink glass nearby.

On the bar itself are placemats and coasters for the Laguna Lounge, along with a matchbook or two.

A colorful "Asylum Avenger" novelty baseball bat lies on a green and blue surface, near a book featuring small illustrations.

A Laguna Lounge swizzle stick featuring all of the monsters also sits on the counter.

Image of a table at Laguna Lounge with various drinks, a menu, and several drink stirrers. The table is adorned with a green tablecloth and a tiki-themed setting.

Further down the bar are tiki mugs, more coasters, and a Laguna Lounge menu.

One of these coasters is in the bulletin board display outside of the entrance to the summer Tribute Store.

A dimly lit room is decorated with colorful paper lanterns, hanging plants, a mannequin wearing tropical attire, and various types of furniture. The setting creates a jungle-like ambiance.

Further into the store, another merchandise display area is covered in netting and bamboo poles, with a familiar face sitting in a nearby chair.

A mannequin dressed in tourist attire with a hat and lei sits among lush greenery, colorful lanterns, and tropical decor in a jungle-themed setting.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon is dressed up in his tourist gear, seated on a wicker chair and surrounded by green plants.

A dimly lit indoor scene with various colorful decorative items. Shelves display trinkets and artwork. The ceiling is adorned with netting and artificial foliage, and the lighting gives a vibrant atmosphere.

A hearse is on display near the Creature, covered in various tiki ephemera and mugs.

A display case featuring various tiki mugs and figurines. The items are vibrantly colored and arranged on shelves with a colorful background. A carved pumpkin in a mug shape is also present.

The inside of the hearse is filled corner to corner with tiki mugs depicting the Monsters and more.

A colorful menu poster at Laguna Lounge features illustrated cocktails with names and descriptions, surrounded by vibrant foliage decorations.

A menu poster for Laguna Lounge sits at the top of the hearse.

UOR IOA All Hallows Eve Boutique Monster Hideaway Summer 2024 35

Across from the hearse, Frankenstein’s Monster and The Wolfman sit, “playing” a tune on the ukulele and bongos. Both are wearing red Hawaiian shirts and white leis.

Ceiling with colorful lanterns and white flowers hanging, decorated with a net and surrounded by dim lighting in a themed room.

Even the ceilings of the All Hallows Eve Boutique are decorated, with multiple colors of paper lanterns and leis hanging from netting.

Entrance to Laguna Lounge with a neon sign. The entrance area is decorated with artificial foliage and cracked mannequin heads. A textured wall and round window are part of the decor.

A neon sign for the Laguna Lounge is near the entrance to the boutique, with “Laguna” in yellow and “Lounge” in green. Blue neon bubbles rise off to the side. Other decor is also in this area, like a porthole lit with an eerie green glow

Watch our video tour of the All Hallows Eve Boutique transformed into Monster Hideaway:

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