A hockey player wearing an orange Mighty Ducks jersey stands in a locker room. The image is split with the Mighty Ducks logo and text on a purple background on the right side.

Anaheim Ducks Reintroduce Original Donald Duck-Inspired Logo

Shannen Ace

The Anaheim Ducks changed their logo back to the original Donald Duck-inspired Mighty Ducks logo.

Anaheim Ducks Reintroduce Original Logo

The Anaheim Ducks revealed the restored logo and their new uniforms in a series of X posts. The classic logo is now incorporated with the team’s modern color scheme of orange, gold, black, and white.

Hockey player in an orange jersey holding a stick, standing in front of a wooden locker room background.

The logo is a hockey mask shaped like Donald Duck with angry, furrowed eyebrows. A puck-inspired circle and a triangle are behind the mask with a pair of crossed sticks.

Logo featuring "Mighty Ducks" text above a stylized hockey goalie mask and crossed hockey sticks on a purple background.

The team’s original colors as the Might Ducks were eggplant and jade. The logo had gray shading, a jade green triangle, and yellow hockey sticks.

A hockey player in an orange and white jersey with a duck logo sits on a bench in a locker room, holding a hockey stick.

The refreshed version has a gold triangle, gold shading, orange hockey sticks, and orange eyes. The uniforms feature the previous logo, a D-shaped duck foot, on their shoulders.

The Walt Disney Company created the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in 1993, naming the team after their 1992 film “The Mighty Ducks.” In 2005, Disney sold the Ducks to Henry and Susan Samueli. The next year, the Samuelis announced the team would now be the Anaheim Ducks. The name change came with the new logo and color scheme. The colors are inspired by the team’s home of Orange County.

What do you think about the team returning to their original logo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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