A collage of video game-themed dishes from the Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World: question block cake, star-topped salad, hamburger with a Mario hat, and a fiery star-shaped pastry on a bed of marinara sauce.

Best and Worst Dishes from Toadstool Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

Annie Wilson

One of the highlights of a trip to Super Nintendo World is dining at Toadstool Cafe. This restaurant serves up incredibly themed dishes, all prepared by Chef Toad. We’ve tried everything at Toadstool Cafe, so we’ve put together a list of the best and worst items. The following reviews are from Universal Studios Hollywood, but Toadstool Cafe will be a part of Epic Universe at the Universal Orlando Resort in 2025. Let’s-a go!

The Best Items at Toadstool Cafe

Toadstool Cafe entrance

Bowser’s Fireball Challenge – $24.99

1 lb. meatball topped with mozzarella cheese served with mushroom marinara sauce, Bowser puff pastry, parsley, and hot sauce on the side

Bowser's Fireball Challenge with a Bowser-shaped pastry puff in the center of the plate

One of the best items here features one of the worst villains! Bowser’s Fireball Challenge is one of our favorite dishes from Toadstool Cafe. The meatball is giant and has a similar consistency of a meatloaf. This is a spicy meatball! The meatball is packed with red pepper flakes, giving it quite a quick. The challenge is to make it through the heat of the meatball while adding more hot sauce. A flaky Bowser pastry served on the side compliments the meal. This meal comes with a souvenir Bowser bowl for an additional cost.

Mario Burger (Bacon, Mushroom & Cheese) – $16.99

All beef patty, bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese served on a brioche bun with a side of truffle French fries

A Mario bacon cheeseburger with a printed mustache and plastic Mario hat on a plate next to seasoned crinkle fries

Simple, but classic. The Mario Burger is a hearty cheeseburger with sweet applewood bacon. The bun even comes with Mario’s signature mustache on top. The truffle fries served on the side are some of the most flavorful French fries we’ve ever had at a theme park. These will keep you coming back. You can’t go wrong with the Mario Burger.

Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad (Vegetarian) – $13.99

Mixed greens, star fruit, strawberries, blueberries, radish, mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, Yoshi egg croutons, and raspberry vinaigrette

Yoshi's Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad with Yoshi egg shaped croutons and star fruit

You might not think of quick service salad as being something memorable, but Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad is a star here! The vibrant flavors of the fruits, paired with the raspberry vinaigrette, make this a sweet and healthy dish. The Yoshi egg croutons take the cuteness to the next level. For a light and refreshing option, this is one of our favorites.

Fire Flower Spaghetti & Meatballs – $16.99

Spaghetti with mushroom marinara sauce, meatballs, Fire Flower parmesan crisp, shaved parmesan, and chopped parsley

Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs from Toadstool Cafe

Spaghetti isn’t usually a highlight from our visits to theme park quick service restaurants, but the Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs is a truly memorable meal. The Italian seasoning in the sauce is strong, but not overpowering, and really brings a lot of flavor to the pasta.

Chef Toad Short Rib Special – $24.99

Braised short rib, creamy goat cheese polenta, and red wine reduction

Chef Toad Short Rib from Toadstool Cafe

For a more sophisticated (and pricy) meal at Toadstool Cafe, we would recommend Chef Toad’s Short Rib Special. Think of fine dining in a video game setting. This short rib is so tender and juicy, it doesn’t even require a knife. The red wine reduction is the perfect pairing for one of Chef Toad’s specialties.

Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots (Vegetarian) – $5.99

Mini mushroom shaped knots brushed with garlic butter, parmesan cheese, parsley and a side of marinara sauce

4 Toadstool Cafe Cheesy Garlic Knots on a plate with a cup of marinara sauce

Every time we visit Toadstool Cafe, one of the first things we order is the cheesy garlic knots. These are very simple, but so soft and fluffy. Each mushroom-shaped garlic knot is thoroughly coated in garlic and parmesan. There’s a side of marinara for dipping, but they barely need it. Get these to share with your friends!

Mushroom Soup in Souvenir Bowl – $19.99

Vegan tomato basil soup topped with micro basil, sliced mushroom, and truffle oil (Bowl included with purchase)

super mushroom plastic soup bowl

There are several different souvenir sippers and dishes that can be added to your order at Toadstool Cafe. The soups are the only items that already include the bowl in the price. There are 2 different soups available, each served in a souvenir mushroom bowl. The mushroom soup is one of our favorite things to get at Toadstool Cafe.

close up of toadstool cafe super mushroom soup with parmesan crips on top

The portion is a little small, but each spoonful is packed full of creamy mushroom flavor. There are even themed parmesan crisps on top of the soup. This pairs well with the cheesy garlic knots!

? Block Tiramisu (Vegetarian) – $9.99

Tiramisu flavored mystery block with a white chocolate Power-Up inside

Question Mark Block Tiramisu with Super Mushroom Power Up decoration

Our favorite dessert is designed to look like a question mark block. The sides of the box are made with shortbread cookies and the top is open revealing a white chocolate Power-Up. The inside of the box is what’s truly amazing! Soft, spongy tiramisu cake fills the small cookie box. Despite being a tiramisu cake, this really has no coffee taste. The cake has a creamy vanilla flavor and the whipped cream is dreamy. If you’re ordering a dessert, making sure it’s the question block.

Super Star Lemon Squash – $10.00

Honey lemon soda with mango stars and assorted tropical bobas

A hand holds a plastic cup featuring a mushroom character design and a yellow straw, brimming with a yellow and orange beverage with ice and fruit. In the background, the charming wooden decor of Toadstool Cafe adds to the inviting restaurant setting.

This drink is a bit of a splurge, considering it costs even more than a Butterbeer, but it’s worth it. The drink is packed full of tropical boba and star-shaped jellies, but the honey lemon soda is the real superstar. It’s sweet and refreshing and one of the highlights of our visit to Toadstool Cafe.

The Worst of Toadstool Cafe

Piranha Plant Caprese (Gluten-Friendly, Vegetarian) – $12.99

Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, asparagus, and basil pesto served with mixed greens, shaved radish, and apple vinaigrette

Piranha Plant Caprese on a plate

This dish gets a lot of points for being creative, with the tomato and mozzarella plated to look like a Piranha Plant. There’s nothing really bad about this dish, but it’s very simple and basic. For a trip to Super Nintendo World, this wouldn’t be one of our top picks. You don’t have to avoid this, because it is very tasty, but we probably wouldn’t order it again.

Super Star Chicken Salad – $14.99

Romaine and cabbage mix, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms tossed in creamy mushroom truffle dressing topped with parmesan Super Star, star croutons, and grilled chicken

Super Star chicken Salad with star shaped croutons

The Super Star Chicken Salad was a super let down. It’s adorable, with star-shaped croutons and crisps, but they just can’t save this bland dish. The lettuce looked a little wilted and the chicken was dry and tasteless. Skip this one.

Luigi Burger (Pesto Grilled Chicken) – $16.99

Grilled chicken, basil pesto, Swiss cheese, and basil served on a brioche bun with a side of truffle French fries

Luigi pesto grilled chicken burger on a plate with french fries and pesto sauce on the side

First, we have to say that the basil pesto sauce on the side is one of the best things on the entire menu at Toadstool Cafe. If you order the Mario Burger, ask for a side of pesto sauce for your truffle fries. The Luigi burger should be avoided at all costs. Our chicken looked on the undercooked side when we bit in. This is a basic chicken sandwich that can be saved with the pesto sauce, but really isn’t worth saving. Sorry, Luigi.

Tomato Basil Soup – $19.99

Vegan tomato basil soup topped with micro basil, sliced mushroom, and truffle oil (Bowl included with purchase)

mushroom soup bowl with tomato soup

When visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, we would recommend skipping the tomato soup. The tomato soup is beyond basic. It’s very thick, almost bordering on marinara sauce thickness. The flavor is also very acidic and heavy. The basil doesn’t stand out enough to save this dish from being very one note. Until they build the Tomato Kingdom, we would recommend skipping the tomato soup.

Princess Peach Cupcake (Vegetarian) – $9.99

Funfetti cupcake, buttercream frosting, glitter, and Princess Peach chocolate crown

Princess Peach Cupcake with bright pink frosting and white chocolate crown on top

We wanted to like this cupcake so badly. It’s a confetti cupcake, filled with strawberry jam, and topped with sugary, sweet pink frosting. Unfortunately, the frosting was just way too sweet. The strawberry jam in the center with the cake was a bit like a Pop-Tart. The glittery pink cupcake looks beautiful on the outside, but was very dry inside. If you have a sweet tooth, you might enjoy this, but we’ll be skipping it from now on.

Power-Up Spaghetti Marinara (Vegetarian) – $12.99

Spaghetti with marinara sauce, Power-Up parmesan crisps, Toadstool cheesy garlic knot, and a gold coin cookie

Toadstool Cafe Kids Menu Spaghetti with a garlic knot and question block cookie on the side

This is a really great option for younger guests, but doesn’t taste quite the same as the Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs. The spaghetti does come with a garlic knot on the side and a cute little cookie coin in a box. The souvenir plates for the kids’ meals can also be purchased for an additional cost.

Mario Mini Burger Adventure Set – $14.99

Cheeseburger, French fries, corn on the cob, broccoli, and a gold coin cookie

Toadstool Cafe Kids Meal burger with fries and vegetables

The mini burger has a lot less flavor than the Mario Burger. It’s the perfect size for kids, but really falls short in comparison to the Mario Burger. The veggies are presented nicely, but they didn’t have any flavor at all. The truffle fries on the side redeem the entire meal. One of the best parts of the kids’ meals are the cute little question mark boxes with a dessert. The box contains a coin cookie, but there are three different cookies you could get. It’s a surprise for which one you’ll get.

Mt. Beanpole Cake (Vegetarian) – $9.99

Multi layered Italian cookie cake with a matcha mousse

Mount Beanpole Cake

The Mt. Beanpole cake looks like it came right out of the video games. The layers between the cake have a Neapolitan look to them, with a layer of green matcha mousse on the top. The matcha mousse is incredible on its own, but is lost behind an overpowering chocolate flavor from the cake. The chocolate was the dominate flavor, which was a little disappointing.

Toadstool Cafe is located in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. In 2025, Super Nintendo World will open as part of Epic Universe in Orlando. The new land will have its own Toadstool Cafe, but the menu has not been released yet. Take a closer look at the food available at Toadstool Cafe in our video below.

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