Magic Kingdom Guest Refills Water Bottle with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Water Feature & More: Daily Recap (6/11/24)

Brit Tuttle

A collage featuring the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train sign, theme park attractions, performances, and various themed merchandise—including shirts with different designs—creates a vibrant daily recap of your magical adventure.

Magic Kingdom Guest Refills Water Bottle with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Water Feature & More: Daily Recap (6/11/24)

A guest uses a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train water feature to fill up their water bottle, what did and didn’t happen with the EPCOT reimagining, and Disneyland Resort reportedly cutting more entertainment — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

Daily Recap for June 11, 2024

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train sign and stand-by entrance wait time sign


A collage of four theme park scenes: a colorful night-lit garden, an ancient Egyptian-themed ride, an illuminated aerial view of a park at night, and a charming street with European architecture—imagine Epcot in a delightful reimagining.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A hand wearing a MagicBand+, displaying a puck of a lion's face, is in the foreground. A lion statue sits proudly on a rock in a vivid, colorful setting with an audience in the background.

New Merchandise

A person holds a toy truck with the "Pizza Planet" logo in front of a large alien figure and colorful ride, possibly at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Other Walt Disney World News

Entrance to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon with a sign that says "Welcome!" A ticket booth is in the center, surrounded by a few people and lush trees in the background. Annual passholder perks are available for frequent visitors.

Disneyland Resort

Split image: Left side shows people in superhero costumes, one black-suited with mask and one holding a spear. Right side shows a band performing outdoors on a sunny day, with a woman in an orange dress singing.

Entertainment and Media

Side-by-side images of a woman in a blue sequined dress with large earrings and a red-suited masked character with black eye patches.

WDW News Today

Tom’s (and Eric’s) Honest Review of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Tom & Eric Review CommuniCore, Tiana’s, & More Walt Disney World Additions – WDWNT Podcast: Ep. 37

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