A large, detailed mansion with Victorian architecture surrounded by trees and people. The sky in the background is overcast, adding a haunting atmosphere.

Dirt Moved for Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is currently closed for construction of an expanded outdoor queue, grounds, and gift shop.

The Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion

A group of people walking in front of construction barriers at a theme park, possibly near the rumored haunted mansion. Trees and part of a building are visible in the background.

The dirt piles we saw last month have been removed or flattened. A stone wall with railings is visible at the back of the queue.

Construction site behind a themed facade of a haunted mansion with trees in the background. Several workers in red vests are visible.

Wires or rebar stick out of the ground in rows, likely outlining a new sidewalk. There are also green poles and orange caution cones.

A construction site with wooden and blue barriers surrounds an area. People are gathering under red umbrellas near a large tree, where a bird is perched on a branch. In the background, the eerie outline of a haunted mansion looms, adding an air of mystery to the scene.

Two large pieces of plywood are leaning against rockwork and railings.

Construction site surrounded by green wooden fencing, with trees and a treehouse visible in the background. Various construction materials and equipment are scattered around the site, resembling a mansion-in-progress that might just turn haunted under the moonlight.

White pipes are visible sticking out of the ground. The old sidewalk has been completely demolished to build a new one.

Construction site surrounded by fencing, with trees in the background. A partially obscured, wooden structure resembling a haunted treehouse is visible above the fencing. Various construction materials are scattered.

Orange netting surrounds some construction areas. A yellow construction vehicle is in the ground.

People walking near a construction site with green fencing in a public park. Trees and the partially visible building of an old mansion add an eerie atmosphere to the background.

We noted previously that large sheets of metal have been attached to the wooden walls at the bottom of the hill.

The construction site, surrounded by trees and vegetation on a hillside, features tall black concrete barriers and teal fencing. Construction signs dot the foreground where two people stand nearby, giving the scene an eerie resemblance to a haunted mansion under renovation.

The widest, darkest pieces of metal are in the center of each section. Thinner metal sheets are at the edges, where each wall gets taller than the last.

These walls previously featured fake grave markers and mausoleums while the hill was covered in gravestones.

The haunted construction zone, surrounded by fencing and trees, is teeming with workers and curious visitors. Amidst the temporary structures and umbrellas in the foreground, whispers of an old mansion being unearthed add an eerie sense to the bustling activity.

These tiered walls run behind a tree. A brick wall remains in the middle of this area not far from the mansion itself. At the far end is another remaining brick wall, which runs right up to the back of the mansion.

People walking in front of a light blue building with green trees and foliage nearby. In the background, a large, ornate mansion with multiple chimneys looms, almost giving off a haunted vibe.

While the brick walls remain, it looks like lampposts have been removed. Green scrim and yellow caution tape run through the area.

Construction workers are seen behind a fence in front of a multi-story mansion with ornate railings, partially obscured by large trees, with colorful umbrellas in the foreground.

The mansion itself is untouched amid the construction. We saw a crew member in a digger and two others on the ground during our recent visit.

A construction worker operates an excavator in front of a Victorian-style mansion with intricate ironwork. Trees and foliage partially obscure the view, giving the scene an almost haunted atmosphere.

The digger was being used on a pile of dirt between the green scrim and construction walls. Yellow tape is wrapped around a nearby lamppost.

A large, detailed mansion with Victorian architecture surrounded by trees and people. The sky in the background is overcast, adding a haunting atmosphere.

The expanded outdoor queue will include gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madame Leota, and the one-eyed cat. Each garden will have unique elements like a water fountain, gazebo, statuary, and greenhouse. The pet cemetery and horse-drawn funeral hearse will still be on the grounds.

A partially shaded outdoor space with umbrellas and a sign reading 'Pleasure and Leisure,' surrounded by large trees and the grandeur of a mansion in the background.

A gift shop is under construction on the other side of the mansion, next to the white mausoleums visible above. The gift shop belongs to Madame Leota and will be the mansion’s carriage house.

DL Haunted Mansion expansion and store concept art 3 1
Haunted Mansion carriage house gift shop concept art
Haunted Mansion queue concept art
Haunted Mansion gardens concept art

The gardens and gift shop are designed to enhance the lore of the Haunted Mansion, which includes a “local legend” that the manor was “first built by a prosperous sea captain.”

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