Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks Donut Collections Available at Walt Disney World

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A display of themed merchandise featuring Disney characters Stitch and Minnie Mouse, including plush toys, headbands, a shirt, and a pin set—all with a pink and donut theme inspired by Disney Eats.

Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks Donut Collections Available at Walt Disney World

The new donut-inspired Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks collections have arrived at Walt Disney World.

Stitch Attacks Snacks Donuts Collection

Display shelf in a store with plush toys and themed merchandise near a pillar; various items featuring an animated character are neatly arranged.

We found both the Stitch and Disney Eats collections in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

Pin Set – $34.99

A hand holding a pack of Disney pins featuring Stitch characters with snacks. The packaging shows two pins: one of Stitch holding a donut and another of Stitch on roller skates, with a separate donut pin.

As per usual, there are three pins in the set. One is a chocolate donut with colorful sprinkles. The other two depict Stitch and Angel eating the donut. The pins come on a pink shirt-shaped backing card patterned with donuts.

Stitch Plush – $34.99

A hand holds a plush toy of an animated blue character with a big smile, large ears, and a doughnut in its lap. The background appears to be the interior of a retail store.

The Stitch plush sees the alien holding a chocolate donut about the size of his head. He has a big smile and one of his eyes is half-closed.

A person holds a plush toy of Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch" wearing a doughnut-patterned vest and holding a plush corn dog, with a blue tag attached in a store setting.

He wears a pink button-up shirt patterned with strawberry pink and chocolate donuts.

A hand holding a plush toy of Stitch from behind. The toy is wearing a shirt patterned with various donuts. The background shows part of a store interior with shelves and displays.

It’s the same pattern as the pin set’s backing card.

A hand holding a stuffed toy.

A pink Stitch Attacks Snacks patch on his left foot lists the series number as 6 out of 12.

Angel Plush – $34.99

A person holds a pink plush toy in the shape of an animated character holding a pink donut with sprinkles inside a store. The background shows shelves with various items and a child walking.

Angel is holding a strawberry pink donut. She’s winking one eye.

A person holds a pink stuffed toy with large ears, wearing a colorful vest featuring a donut pattern. The image is taken indoors.

Her dress has the same pattern as Stitch’s shirt.

Close-up of a plush toy's paw featuring a pink circular tag with the text "Disney Stitch Attacks Snacks Series 3 of 9.

Angel’s patch lists her as series 3 of 9 because the first three Stitch Attacks Snacks series didn’t include an Angel plush.

Disney Eats Donuts Collection

A pink shirt and ears on swingers in a store.

In addition to Big Top Souvenirs, we found the Disney Eats donuts Spirit Jersey and ear headband in Main Street Cinema. The Loungefly mini backpack was in Uptown Jewelers.

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

A pink and white long-sleeve shirt with a doughnut and sprinkles design is displayed on a hanger in a store.

The top half of the Spirit Jersey is pink, with sprinkles and a dripping effect where it meets the white bottom half.

A logo with three pink frosted donuts with sprinkles, styled to resemble the letter "D" above the text "Est. 1971" on a pink background.

The Walt Disney World “D” logo on the left breast is white with colorful sprinkles. A Mickey-shaped donut with strawberry frosting and sprinkles is in the center. “Est. 1971” is below the “D.” The lettering has a yellow border.

Image of a white fabric with a printed design featuring three pink frosted donuts with sprinkles, arranged in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. A hand with painted nails is holding the fabric.

A larger Mickey-shaped strawberry donut is printed near the hem.

A pink and white long sleeve shirt with "Walt Disney World" text and a dripping ice cream cone design hangs on a store display in a carpeted room with red walls.

“Walt Disney World” is across the back of the jersey in white with sprinkles and yellow borders.

Ear Headband – $39.99

A person holds a headband with two pink frosted donut-shaped ears and a sparkly pink bow, displayed in a store with other similar headbands and various merchandise in the background.

The headband is also mostly pink. The bow is made of dark pink sequins.

A hand holding a Disney-themed headband with a colorful tag is displayed against a background of pink items on hangers.

The headband is covered in pink pleather. Beige velour lines the inside. A metal Disney Eats tag is on one side.

A pink donut headband with a bow.

Each ear resembles a beige donut with dripping pink frosting and colorful sprinkles. The ears are made of plastic.

Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

A hand holding a backpack with a donut shaped mouse face.

The Loungefly backpack is mostly white with a colorful sprinkle pattern. The front pocket is a large Mickey-shaped donut with pink frosting and more sprinkles.

A person holds a colorful backpack with a pink frosting and sprinkles design in a retail store. The store has wooden shelves and various themed merchandise on display.

The side slip pockets appear to be dripping with pink frosting. Pink lines the zippers.

A person holds a small pink backpack with multicolored sprinkles design on the front. The backpack is displayed in a store setting with other accessories visible in the background.

The straps and handle are pink.

Person holding a pink rectangular handbag with a wrist wearing charm bracelets visible. Background shows shelves with other bags and patterned carpet.

The bottom of the bag is pink.

A hand with painted nails holds open a pink wallet revealing an interior patterned with pink frosted donuts.

The zippers are gold-tone, and the interior lining is pale pink with a Mickey-shaped donut pattern.

Will you be taking home any Disney Eats or Stitch Attacks donut merchandise?

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