Disneyland-Branded Tomorrowland Belt Bag Arrives at Magic Kingdom

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A blue Tomorrowland belt bag with orange and white artwork depicting spacey images and attractions

Disneyland-Branded Tomorrowland Belt Bag Arrives at Magic Kingdom

After the Magic Kingdom version of the new Tomorrowland belt bag arrived at Disneyland, the Disneyland version of the bag appeared at Magic Kingdom.

We found the Disneyland-branded belt bag in Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

Loungefly Disneyland Tomorrowland Belt Bag – $65

A blue Tomorrowland belt bag with orange and white artwork depicting spacey images and attractions
Disneyland belt bag (at Magic Kingdom)

The Disneyland version of the bag features similar but not identical artwork to the Magic Kingdom version (pictured below). Both bags are pale blue with orange and white artwork that matches the full Tomorrowland collection. Space Mountain is in the center with the Monorail zipping above. Stitch is pictured in his rocket ship, flying around the TWA Moonliner. Disneyland-style PeopleMover cars are in the bottom right corner.

A hand holding a zippered bag featuring a Tomorrowland design with space-themed rides, a monorail, and figurines against a blue and orange background in a store setting.
Magic Kingdom belt bag (at Disneyland)

The moon and Astro Orbiter are in different positions on the Magic Kingdom belt bag. The Magic Kingdom bag also features two TRON Lightcycle / Run vehicles.

Close-up of a hand holding a blue pouch with a "Tomorrowland" design, depicting futuristic structures, rockets, palm trees, and a monorail.

On the Disneyland version of the bag, the Astro Orbitor is in the top left corner, surrounded by white stars. There is a retro-style Tomorrowland sign of round orange shapes and white lettering.

Illustrated image featuring futuristic scenes with a monorail, rocket, space structure, and aerial cars set against a backdrop of palm trees and water, labeled “Tomorrow Land.” Perfect for fans of the future-themed style, you can pair it with the stylish Tomorrowland belt bag for a complete look.

Trees surround a lake featuring a submarine, inspired by Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (formerly 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

A close-up of a Tomorrowland belt bag, featuring a blue and orange theme with illustrations of a rocket, space-themed rides, and futuristic structures.

The images have debossed outlines, giving them subtle dimension and texture.

A light blue fanny pack displayed on a store shelf featuring "Disney Parks", "Tomorrowland", and "Disneyland" branding.

The other difference between bags is on the back. This one features the Disneyland Park wordmark. The other version featured the Magic Kingdom wordmark.

Close-up of a light blue Disneyland Tomorrowland-themed bag with a nameplate and logos. A hand with green nail polish holding the bag is partially visible.

“Tomorrowland” is in dark blue lettering above the park’s name. There’s also a dark blue Disney Parks x Loungefly plaque.

The bag has a main zip pocket and a small zip pocket on the back.

A hand with decorated nails holds a partially open blue bag with space-themed prints. The bag is lined with orange fabric featuring various patches and stuffed with crumpled paper.

The interior lining is orange with an all-over pattern of Tomorrowland iconography.

Which version of the Tomorrowland belt bag do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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