‘Feel Like Peter Pan’ Merch Featuring Michael’s Teddy & Nana Coming Soon

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A collection of Disney-themed merchandise including a plush bag, a bucket hat, a night light, a keychain set, and a woman wearing a pink shirt holding a teddy bear-shaped bag.

‘Feel Like Peter Pan’ Merch Featuring Michael’s Teddy & Nana Coming Soon

A new “Feel Like Peter Pan” merchandise collection is coming to Disney Store Japan on July 5, 2024. The collection includes many of the film’s main characters but features Michael’s teddy bear and Nana, the Darling family’s dog.

‘Feel Like Peter Pan’ Collection

A clothing rack holds a pink dress, green sweater, bucket hat, tote bag with a plush toy, and Michael's Teddy Bear bag. Nearby, stuffed animals and a model of Big Ben decorate a shelf against a pink-striped wall.

Nana Pochette – ¥3,300

A plush bag shaped like a dog's face, wearing a bonnet, with a detachable black strap attached to both sides.

This bag is a Nana plush complete with her white and blue bonnet. The bag’s strap is black with gold hardware. It’s attached to her paws.

Plush animal head-shaped bag with large ears and a white cap, featuring brown and beige fur, blue eyes, and brown straps attached to its sides.

The strap can be unclipped from Nana if you want to use her as a plush, too.

A close-up of a plush toy with brown and white fur, displaying a tied blue ribbon near its neck.

Nana has a brown collar around her neck. This is where the pouch opens. There’s a blue interior.

Close-up of a fluffy toy's label with the text "Disney Peter Pan" in white on a pink background, alongside a white care tag with text in another language.

This has a pink tag featuring the “Peter Pan” wordmark.

Nana Tote Bag – ¥4,900

A beige tote bag with lace trim and a front pocket adorned with a small plush dog face.

This tote is beige with white lace around the pockets. A small slip pocket on the side features a Nana plush peeking out. A brown “Peter Pan” tag is on the slip pocket.

Image of a plain light pink tote bag with two handles and a frilled lace trim at the top.

Two shoulder straps are attached to the main pocket. The other side of the bag is blank.

A beige shoulder bag with lace trim, showing its empty interior, and a small stuffed animal keychain attached to the handle.

The interior is also beige.

Nana Elastic Headband – ¥2,800

A costume headband featuring a white ruffled bonnet with a light blue band and attached plush beige bunny ears.

The elastic headband features Nana’s floppy brown ears and her bonnet.

A headband featuring two large, plush brown ears on the sides and white, layered fabric resembling teeth in the center.

The back of it is elastic so it can fit around anyone’s head.

Close-up of a beige plush fabric with a yellow tag labeled "Disney Peter Pan.

A brown “Peter Pan” tag is on the band.

Nana Reusable Shopping Bag – ¥4,600

Light blue reusable bag with an illustrated dog sitting near alphabet blocks. A small plush dog keychain is attached to the bag handle.

The reusable shopping bag includes a plush Nana pouch keychain. The bag can be rolled up and stored in this pouch. The keychain can be attached to your regular bag and/or to the shopping bag.

A light blue fabric bag with handles. It features a printed design of a cat with a bow tie and three alphabet blocks labeled A, B, and C.

The baby blue shopping bag features an image of Nana. She has one ear in the air and three toy blocks are in front of her. The image is created with golden lines.

Light blue, rectangular fabric bag with an open top, viewed from above.

The other side of the bag is blank. The interior is also baby blue.

A plush keychain depicting a tan and brown dog with long ears, wearing a frilly white bonnet. The dog has expressive blue eyes and a small bell attached to its neck.

The Nana plush pouch comes on a gold keychain. Just like usual, Nana is wearing her collar and bonnet.

A plush bunny-shaped bag with an open zipper showing a blue item inside. The bag is light brown with white accents on the ears, paws, and tail.

There is a brown zipper down her back which can be used to store the shopping bag or other treasures.

Close-up of a plush toy with a brown and white furry texture. The toy has a label reading "Disney peter pan.

The Nana keychain has a brown “Peter Pan” tag.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Pochette – ¥3,300

A person in a pink shirt and white skirt is holding a brown teddy bear shoulder bag against a plain white background.

Michael’s teddy bear is a classic brown bear with pink ears, black eyes, a white snout, and a dark brown nose.

A brown teddy bear-shaped purse with brown shoulder straps, hanging and viewed from behind.

The pochette is a plush version of the teddy bear with a brown detachable, adjustable strap. The strap’s hardware is gold.

A brown plush teddy bear with large pink inner ears, black eyes, and a small nose, standing upright. It has a fabric tag on its side.

The bear is shaped to have one paw up. In “Peter Pan,” he’s usually depicted this way as Michael carries him by one paw.

Close-up of an orange fuzzy fabric with a pink "Disney Peter Pan" tag attached.

The bag has a pink “Peter Pan” tag.

Close-up of a hand holding the labels of an orange plush toy. The labels feature text and a silhouette of a character. The person's nails are painted dark purple.

The other side of the tag features the silhouette of Michael carrying the bear.

A close-up of an orange plush toy with a zippered compartment on its back, revealing a pink interior.

The bag opens thanks to a zipper on the back of the bear. The interior is pink.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Elastic Headband – ¥2,800

A brown fabric headband with bear ears and an embroidered bear face, featuring round black eyes, a pink nose area, and large pink inner ears.

The headband features the bar’s eyes, snout, and nose on the front. His ears are attached to the sides.

A woman wearing a brown headband with bear ears smiles and holds the ears with her hands. She has long brown hair and is dressed in a pink top.

It can be worn like the Nana headband.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Reusable Shopping Bag with Plush Keychain – ¥4,600

A pastel pink reusable tote bag features a pattern of small teddy bear illustrations and a plush teddy bear keychain attached.

The teddy bear shopping bag is also pale pink. It includes a plush pouch keychain.

A pink reusable tote bag decorated with a line of cartoon illustrations depicting bears in various playful poses.

Images of the teddy bear are in a wave across the front of the bag, outlined in brown. The other side of the bag is blank and the interior is solid pink.

A brown bear-shaped plush toy with an orange zipper on its back, revealing a light pink lining inside. The toy is shown lying face down.

The bag can be stored in the plush keychain thanks to a zipper on its back.

A small brown stuffed bear keychain with pink ears and a gold chain attachment.

The plush has a gold-tone chain attached to its left paw.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Plush – ¥3,000

A plush teddy bear with brown fur, pink ears, and a white snout is shown, leaning slightly to one side with one arm raised.

A life-size version of the teddy bear is also available in plush form. This bear has extra soft fur.

A plush teddy bear with brown fur, pink inner ears, black eyes, and white paws is shown against a plain white background.

He isn’t as solidly shaped as the bag or keychain, so you can manipulate his arms and legs.

Close-up of an orange furry object with a pink label that has the text "Disney Peter Pan" printed on it.

He has the same pink tag featuring Michael’s silhouette.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Plush Keychain – ¥2,000

A small, plush teddy bear keychain with brown fur, pink ears, and a white nose and paw pads. It is attached to a gold keyring and has a pink tag hanging from it.

This plush keychain is more solid than the pouch plush that comes with the shopping bag. It also has fuzzier fur.

A small, plush orange teddy bear keychain with a golden clip, featuring pink ears and a tag with the Disney logo.

The gold chain is attached to its left paw.

A keychain with gold hardware and a pink fabric tag that reads "Disney Peter Pan" in white text.

Another keyring on the keychain features a pink fabric “Peter Pan” tag.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Short-Sleeved Pink Shirt – ¥6,900

A person wearing a pink short-sleeve shirt and white skirt holds a small brown teddy bear with outstretched arms.

This pink short-sleeved button-up shirt is inspired by Michael’s pajamas. It features white piping on the shoulders and cuffs.

A light pink short-sleeved button-up shirt with white piping accents, featuring two chest pockets and an embroidered design on the left side.

It has white buttons and two breast pockets.

Three embroidered alphabet blocks (A, B, C) are depicted on a pink fabric background above a pocket.

Three toy blocks are embroidered above the left pocket.

A woman wearing a pink button-up shirt with white trim and an embroidered design of mice and stars on the back.

A row of teddy bears is embroidered on the back. Stars of pixie dust are below the embroidered images.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Towel Hoodie – ¥3,800

A brown hooded towel designed to look like a bear, featuring bear ears, eyes, and nose on the hood. The towel has an embroidered bear and cub at the bottom corner.

Get cozy after a bath with this teddy bear towel. The hood resembles the teddy bear’s face with ears and embroidered features.

A woman wearing a brown hooded blanket with bear ears and face, smiling and looking down. She is dressed in a pink shirt and beige skirt.

It has a plastic snap at the neck.

An orange towel features a stitched outline of a cartoon child playing with two teddy bears.

An embroidered patch on the corner of the towel depicts Michael flying with the bear.

Close-up of an orange towel with an embroidered character and a pink label that reads "Disney Peter Pan.

It has a pink “Peter Pan” tag.

dsj feel like peter pan teddy bear towel hoodie 10

It comes wrapped in a plastic bag. It’s 50 by 100 centimeters.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Claw Clip – ¥2,700

A woman with brown hair wears a plush teddy bear hair accessory clipped to the back of her head.

The teddy bear claw clip is covered in pink fuzzy fabric.

A brown teddy bear with light pink inner ears and feet is attached to a fluffy pink scrunchie.

A small plush teddy bear is attached to one side.

A brown stuffed bear attached to a large pink fluffy hair clip with metallic teeth.

The claws of the clip are translucent.

Michael’s Teddy Bear Hair Clips Set – ¥950

A pair of pink hair clips featuring teddy bear designs, displayed on a card with the Disney logo on the top right corner.

There are two hair clips in this set. Each clip is pink metal. Fuzzy images of the teddy bear in different positions are attached to the ends of the clips.

Peter Pan Die-Cut Hologram Stickers – ¥700

A Disney Store sticker pack is displayed, featuring characters including a teddy bear and a fairy.

There are four holographic stickers in this set.

A set of colorful animal and character-themed felt pieces is displayed inside a transparent plastic hanging organizer.

They each come in an individual plastic bag.

Four holographic stickers of cartoon characters including a teddy bear, children flying, a child crawling, and a dog wearing a hat.

The stickers depict Michael’s teddy bear; Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, and Tinker Bell flying; Michael flying while holding his teddy bear; and Nana carrying a tray of cups on her head.

Peter Pan Mystery Keychain – ¥900

Eight star-shaped keychains feature characters from the animated Peter Pan series, including Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and others. Each keychain has a small bell and a pearl bead attached.

These keychains are sold in individual mystery packs. There are eight total. They feature Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Tinker Bell, Michael’s teddy bear, Michael flying with his teddy bear, Tick Tock Croc, and the four Lost Boys.

A set of eight star-shaped keychains, each featuring a glittery silhouette of different Disney characters, including Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and others. Each keychain has a small golden star and a pink bead.

Each character charm comes on a star-shaped gold-tone clip. A second charm features a yellow translucent star and pink bead.

A "Secret Keychain" set featuring a star-shaped keyring with a Peter Pan charm and a box illustration of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael flying. Includes text in English and Japanese.

The packaging features the same artwork as the keychains set against a dark blue starry background.

Peter Pan Bucket Hat – ¥4,000

A black bucket hat with embroidered designs of two animated characters flying and pointing, surrounded by small stars.

The bucket hat is black. There are embroidered patches of Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, and Tinker Bell.

Black bucket hat featuring embroidered characters from Peter Pan, including Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, and the Lost Boys, adorned with small stars.

White stars are embroidered around the flying characters.

Black wide-brimmed hat with adjustable chin strap and toggles, featuring a mesh interior and a small tag with text information.

The hat has a detachable, adjustable chin strap.

Peter Pan Tote Bag – ¥4,900

A white tote bag featuring embroidered characters from Peter Pan, including Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael flying, plus Tinker Bell on the front.

The tote is off-white and also features embroidered patches of the characters. It has two handles on top.

Embroidered designs of two animated characters, a boy in a green outfit with a red feather hat and a girl in a blue dress, on a light-colored fabric background with a metal ring detail.

A metal ring is attached to one strap above the Peter Pan patch.

Image of an open, cream-colored tote bag with an interior pocket and playful illustrations of a person and a bird on the inner fabric. The bag has wide straps for carrying.

The other side of the bag is blank. There is an extra slip pocket inside the bag.

Peter Pan Room Projector – ¥4,900

A night light projector casts whimsical silhouettes of Peter Pan, Wendy, and other magical elements onto a dimly lit wall.

This projects an image of Peter Pan and his friends on the hands of Big Ben, and another image of them flying to Neverland.

An image shows two strips and a circular segment of a decorative film featuring Peter Pan characters flying over cityscapes, constellations, and a clock against a starry night background.

There are two film strips of the latter scene: one in full color and another in black and white with silhouettes. The Big Ben image is a circular piece of film that goes on top of the projector.

A blue star projector lamp casts glowing patterns of stars and celestial figures on the wall and ceiling in a dimly lit room.

Users can control the color, brightness, rotation, and stillness of the projector’s light with the buttons on the front. Changing the settings results in slightly different atmospheres.

A small nightlight with a crown-shaped top emits a soft glow. The light features Disney branding and a silhouette of Tinker Bell printed on its side. It is connected via a USB cable.

Attaching the lamp cover turns it into a night light. There’s a small crown on top of the cover and Peter’s silhouette on the side. It also includes a USB cable and an instruction manual.

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