An under-construction artificial cave structure covered with greenery, scaffolding, and a ladder leading to its entrance. Clear blue sky in the background.

More Shingles & Moss Added to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

While Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a week away from opening at Magic Kingdom, it’s still under construction at Disneyland. More details have been added to the attraction’s facade since our last update.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

A partially obscured construction area surrounded by greenery with a wooden bridge in the background under a clear blue sky. Signs for various services are visible on the construction barrier.

Scaffolding and tarps peek out over Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction walls. Most of Critter Country is closed for construction of the attraction and its gift shops.

A wooden bridge crosses over a rocky stream surrounded by lush greenery and trees. A few people are seen on the bridge.

Through a gap under this walkway, we saw construction materials, including cardboard boxes.

An under-construction artificial cave structure covered with greenery, scaffolding, and a ladder leading to its entrance. Clear blue sky in the background.

A wooden railing is in the opening of the mountain, which is a salt dome in the story of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Colorful bottles were added to the opening in Magic Kingdom but none have appeared in Disneyland yet.

A construction site with scaffolding in front of a rocky structure and a brown wooden fence. Vegetation is present on the rocks.

This rocky outcropping next to the ride’s drop was just gray concrete when we last checked. It’s now covered in fresh faux moss.

A green notice wall surrounds a construction area with a mountain-like structure covered in foliage and scaffolding under a clear blue sky.

Scaffolding is around the outcropping and the nearby millhouse.

A tall, leafy tree with moss hanging from its branches stands against a clear blue sky. Scaffolding and a wooden fence are visible in the foreground.

There are several fake trees mixed in with the real plants of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure facade.

A decorative bird sculpture is perched on top of a tan wall against a backdrop of pine trees.

The Critter Country sign is still visible behind construction walls.

A construction site with scaffolding and a brown barrier wall, with trees in the background and clear blue sky above. The words "Louisiana" and "New Orleans Square" are visible on the wall.

Crews have installed more shingles on the roof of the mill. One side just features wooden beams but the other is now completely covered.

Scaffolding set up in front of a hillside covered with greenery and rock formations, indicating construction or maintenance work under progress. Clear blue sky in the background.

In our last update, shingles were still missing from the back of the mill. The underside of a roof gable has also been painted green. Moss will be added to the edges and corners.

Construction scaffolding is set up against a rocky, green hillside under a clear blue sky, with a brown wall in the foreground.

Tarps have been removed from the front of the mill. Light-colored wood slats are behind darker beams. This area will also be painted.

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