New Customizable Figment ID Tag Available at EPCOT

Phil Wood

Keychain with a circular Figment ID Tag featuring a purple dragon holding a paintbrush with a rainbow, attached to two black Mickey Mouse ear-shaped keys.

New Customizable Figment ID Tag Available at EPCOT

On a recent trip to EPCOT, we discovered a new customizable Figment ID tag available in the Imagination! Pavilion.

Customizable Figment ID Tag – $15

A keychain with a round, green tag featuring a green dragon holding a paintbrush and rainbow, attached to black circular pieces on a speckled surface.

The new ID tag is shaped like Mickey’s head. The ears are black and the third circle is green. Inside the circle, Figment smiles as he holds a giant black and white paintbrush dipped in red paint. To the left and right of Figment, two buckets of paint overflow with yellow paint. A red, yellow, blue, and purple rainbow shoots out of each bucket of paint.

Just above Figment, a circle is cut into the middle of the Mickey head so a key ring can be inserted. A second silver key ring is connected to the first.

Guests can customize their ID tag with up to three lines of print. The engraving is silver against a black backdrop. The top right of Mickey’s ear features the Disney copyright. “EPCOT” appears in white beneath the personalization.

WDW EPCOT Imagination Figment ID Tag

The new Figment ID tag can be found at the screen kiosks inside of ImageWorks. Guests can get to these kiosks by simply entering the ImageWorks or after riding Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

Figment made his debut when Journey Into Imagination opened in 1983. That attraction closed in 1998 to make way for Journey into YOUR Imagination, before becoming Journey Into Imagination with Figment in 2002. Though the ride has not received a reimagining since 2002, permits were recently filed for construction on the Imagination! Pavilion. This could mean the attraction is in line for a much-needed update.

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