Store display features a mannequin wearing a vibrant shirt and cap with colorful patterns, surrounded by "Inside Out 2" themed merchandise including shirts, hats, backpacks, and toys available at Disneyland Resort prices. Shoppers browse nearby.

New ‘Inside Out 2’ Merchandise Available at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

The “Inside Out 2” merchandise collection including plush and apparel is now available at Disneyland Resort. We found these items at the Emporium, Five & Dime, and World of Disney.

‘Inside Out 2’ Merchandise

Store display features a mannequin wearing a vibrant shirt and cap with colorful patterns, surrounded by "Inside Out 2" themed merchandise including shirts, hats, backpacks, and toys available at Disneyland Resort prices. Shoppers browse nearby.

“Inside Out 2” will be in theaters on June 24. It’s expected to be a big hit for Pixar, with the studio considering more sequels in the future.

Display shelf with various plush toys from the movie "Inside Out" including Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Bing Bong, along with themed apparel items.

The emotions from “Inside Out” return for the sequel and are joined by new emotions.

‘Inside Out 2’ returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety shows up. And it looks like she’s not alone.

Joy Plush – $22.99

Several plush dolls representing the character Joy from "Inside Out" are displayed on a store shelf. One of the dolls is being held up for a closer look.

Joy is a yellow emotion wearing a shiny neon green dress. Her dress features white lines and blue stars. She has short blue hair.

Plush dolls with blue hair and yellow dresses are displayed on a brown shelf, with one being held up in the foreground.

Joy is voiced by Amy Poehler.

Sadness Plush – $22.99

A person holds a plush toy character with blue skin, blue hair, glasses, and a gray sweater. Other similar plush toys are displayed in the background.

Sadness is depicted mid-cry. She wears a cozy gray sweater, blue pants, and round glasses.

A plush toy with blue hair, glasses, and a sad facial expression is displayed on a wooden shelf in a store. Other similar plush toys can be seen in the background.

She’s voiced by Phyllis Smith.

Disgust Plush – $22.99

A hand holding a plush doll of a green character from the movie "Inside Out." Other similar dolls are displayed on a wooden shelf in the background.

Disgust is green with a teal floral-patterned dress. She has purple-pink shoes and a neck scarf. She’s depicted pouting with one eye narrowed.

A plush toy of a green character with an expression of disgust, wearing a teal outfit and standing in front of other similar toys on a wooden shelf in a store.

Disgust is voiced by Liza Lapira in “Inside Out 2,” replacing Mindy Kaling.

Anger Plush – $22.99

A plush toy of a red, angry-faced character wearing a white shirt, tie, and brown pants is held up in front of other character plush toys on a display shelf.

Anger is a blocky red emotion. He wears a white button-up, zig-zag-patterned red and gray tie, and brown pants. His mouth is wide in a roar.

A person is holding a plush toy of a red cube-shaped character dressed in a shirt and brown pants. Several other plush toys are visible in the background on a display shelf.

He’s voiced by Lewis Black.

Fear Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush toy character with large eyes and glasses, dressed in a houndstooth pattern vest and purple pants. Other plush toys are displayed on shelves in the background.

Fear is light purple with a striped shirt, houndstooth sweater vest, and pinstriped pants. He has his hands pressed together and his teeth clenched.

A hand holding a stuffed toy character from "Inside Out 2" in front of a display featuring other "Inside Out" character plush toys.

Tony Hale takes over the role of Fear from Bill Hader.

Anxiety Plush – $22.99

A hand holding a plush toy resembling a character with an exaggerated expression and red hair. In the background, other plush toys with blue hair and yellow faces are displayed on a shelf.

Anxiety is the first new emotion to show up when Riley reaches her teen years. The orange emotion has a wide mouth and eyes. She wears a striped shirt and brown pants.

A hand holds an orange, wide-eyed, and large-mouthed plush toy in a store with various other colorful plush toys displayed in the background.

The plush features her arms twisted together. She has fluffy stems of hair.

A person holds a plush toy with an orange and gray striped fabric rope and an orange plush section resembling a character. It is in a store and other plush toys are displayed in the background.

Maya Hawke voices Anxiety.

Envy Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush doll with large eyes, blue skin, and a blue floral head covering, displayed in a store with other similar dolls in the background.

Envy is a small cyan-colored emotion, voiced by Ayo Edebiri. She has wide eyes on a round head. Her hair is held back with pink barrettes.

A hand holds a plush toy with teal velvet hair and polka-dotted outfit in front of a display of other colorful plush toys, reminiscent of the zany characters from Inside Out 2.

She wears a purple polka-dot dress.

Embarrassment Plush – $29.99

A close-up of a hand holding a Bing Bong plush toy from "Inside Out 2" inside a store, with other plush toys and store fixtures visible in the background.

Embarrassment is pink with a lilac hoodie, purple pants, and red shoes.

A plush toy featuring a character from the animated movie "Inside Out" is on display in a store. The character appears to be wearing a pink hoodie with its hands in the front pocket.

He’s depicted pulling the strings of his hood to tighten it around his face.

A close-up of a plush toy with a large pink snout, pink eyebrows, and a cheerful expression. Other plush toys are visible in the background.

Embarrassment is voiced by Paul Walter Hauser.

Ennui Plush – $22.99

A hand holding a blue-haired, sad-faced plush toy with drooping eyes and a long nose, reminiscent of the characters from Inside Out 2, displayed in a store setting.

Ennui is a gray and indigo emotion with long hair, and wears sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

A hand holding a Sonic the Hedgehog plush doll in a store with various colorful clothing items hanging in the background.

Adèle Exarchopoulos voices Ennui.

Anxiety Plush Keychain – $14.99

A hand holding a plush toy with orange hair, large white eyes, and an exaggerated facial expression. The toy has a purple tag and is on display in a store.

A smaller plush version of Anxiety comes on an orange plastic lobster claw clip.

‘Inside Out 2’ Button-Up – $64.99

A mannequin displays a colorful short-sleeve button-up shirt featuring various Pixar character designs from 'Inside Out 2 Merchandise.' The shirt is showcased in a retail store at Disneyland Resort with similar themed merchandise around.

The button-up is black with short sleeves, a breast pocket, and a collar.

Close-up of a shirt with a black background featuring colorful cartoon-like symbols, including faces, animals, and weather elements reminiscent of Inside Out 2. The shirt has a pocket on the left side.

It’s patterned with minimalist versions of the emotions’ faces. Joy is depicted as a bright star and Sadness is depicted as a rain cloud.

‘Inside Out 2’ T-Shirt – $34.99

A white T-shirt with colorful "Believe in Your Self" text and various cartoon character graphics is hanging on a wooden display. Perfect for fans of Inside Out 2 merchandise, this vibrant piece adds a lively touch to your collection at the Disneyland Resort.

This short-sleeved shirt is white. It features the same minimalist images of the emotions in a circle around “Believe in Yourself.” The letters are in bright colors.

White t-shirt with a small round logo on the back, hanging on a wooden display rack in a store at Disneyland Resort. Plush toys are visible on the right side of the image.

There’s a small circular symbol on the back of the shirt, near the neck.

A yellow star with a smiling face and the text "THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN'T DO" is printed on the back of a white shirt, making it perfect Inside Out 2 merchandise for your next trip to Disneyland Resort.

A blue circle features a yellow star with a smiling face. The yellow border reads in pink letters, “There’s nothing we can’t do.”

‘Inside Out 2’ Youth Jersey – $39.99

A light blue children's baseball-style shirt featuring colorful cartoon character patches hanging on a wooden display rack. Nearby shelves hold various vibrant Disneyland Resort clothing and Inside Out 2 merchandise, adding a touch of animated magic to the scene.

This shirt is teal blue with white around the neck, buttons, and sleeves. The buttons are red, purple, yellow, orange, and blue.

A teal shirt from the Inside Out 2 merchandise collection features animated characters and colorful badges. One colorful badge says "YAY" near the bottom, making it a fun keepsake from your visit to Disneyland Resort.

Joy, Sadness, and Disgust are on the left breast above a patch reading, “Yay.”

Close-up of a blue fabric with various colorful cartoon character patches and buttons, including a fire patch with text that reads "THAT'S". Some patches feature beloved figures from Disneyland Resort's Inside Out 2 merchandise.

Another patch reads “That’s” above a fireball (“That’s fire”). Below are Anger, Embarrassment, and Ennui.

Close-up of a teal jacket featuring colorful buttons and various animated character designs from the upcoming 'Inside Out 2' movie. A price tag is attached, making it a perfect addition to your Disneyland Resort collection.

Disgust, Fear, and Envy are under the “Yay” patch.

A teal children's t-shirt with animated characters and the text "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" displayed on a store hanger, part of the new Inside Out 2 merchandise at Disneyland Resort.

“Believe in yourself” is on the back with the faces of the emotions around the words.

‘Inside Out 2’ Youth T-Shirt – $29.99

A white children's shirt with a colorful print of various cartoon monsters and shapes in pink, blue, green, and yellow is displayed on a hanger at the Disneyland Resort. Perfect for little fans of Inside Out 2 merchandise!

This T-shirt is white with an all-over pattern of the minimalist emotion faces.

‘Inside Out 2’ Ball Cap – $29.99

Black cap featuring colorful animated characters from Inside Out 2 on display, with a stuffed character wearing a green dress standing beside it.

The ball cap is black. It’s covered in images of the emotions, depicted in full body and color.

Two black baseball caps featuring colorful animated character patterns from 'Inside Out 2' merchandise are displayed on a wooden surface, reminiscent of a magical day at Disneyland Resort.

Between the emotions are colorful starbursts and dots.

Close-up of a hand holding a creatively designed, colorful baseball cap featuring various cartoon characters and patterns from Disneyland Resort's Inside Out 2 merchandise. Another similarly designed cap is displayed in the background, showcasing the vibrant appeal of these unique items.

It has an adjustable strap with silvertone hardware.

A person holds a colorfully patterned cap with comic-style words and symbols, including "Woot Woot!" written repeatedly. The background showcases merchandise and a sign celebrating the release of Inside Out 2 as part of the Disney merchandise collection.

The underside of the brim is purple with phrases like “Yay,” “Hothead,” and “Woot! Woot!”

“Inside Out 2” Bag – $29.99 

A purple backpack with colorful designs and a transparent front pocket featuring cartoon characters. The background includes scenes from Inside Out 2, people, a plant, and a wooden surface.

The bag is made of clear plastic and dark purple pleather.

A clear purple backpack displaying various colorful cartoon character pins inside, including creatures in green, blue, and orange, perfect for showcasing your Inside Out 2 merchandise.

The front pocket is clear with felt charms of the different emotions inside.

A small bag featuring a vibrant comic-style print with various exclamations such as "Woot Woot!" and "Yikes". A hand is holding a paper tag attached to the side, showcasing exclusive merchandise from Disneyland Resort.

The rest of the bag is patterned with the same phrases as the ball cap.

A person holds a blue double-zippered bag over a store display table, featuring colorful graphic designs and a tag with text. The prices are visible, and in the background, there are mannequins and a woman sitting near the table. This vibrant scene is part of the new Inside Out 2 merchandise at Disneyland Resort.

It has plastic zippers and an adjustable strap.

Deluxe Figurine Set – $29.99

A person holds a boxed set of seven "Inside Out 2" deluxe figurines, merchandise from the animated movie, available at the Disneyland Resort. The box warns of small parts and recommends the toy for ages 3 and up.

The deluxe figurine set includes nine figurines, one of each emotion.

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