A cloudy day at Downtown Disney entrance. People are gathered near the gate, some walking, others standing. Palm trees are visible nearby.

New Security Plaza Opens and More Construction at Downtown Disney District

Shannen Ace

Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort is undergoing a reimagining, which now includes a new security plaza.

New Security Plaza

The image shows an outdoor area with a desert landscape featuring various cacti, several palm trees, and a paved pathway. A fence runs parallel to the pathway, and people are visible in the background.

The new plaza serves guests entering from the Simba Parking Lot, Pixar Place Hotel, and Disneyland Hotel. The old Disneyland Hotel security entrance is now closed. Security remains open at the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals Parking Structures.

Entrance gate to a downtown area with a large sign reading "DOWNTOWN," palm trees, cacti, and people walking in the background. Cloudy sky above.

The plaza is surrounded by flowerbeds full of cacti and palm trees. There’s metal fencing with square designs. The plaza has a large white ovular roof — a similar design to the District’s new stage. “Downtown Disney” is in large lettering on the roof.

Two informational signs in a park outline park rules and a warning about chemical exposure. A colorful playground and various plants, including cacti and palm trees, are visible in the background.

Safety warnings and park rules are posted outside the security entrance. This also matches new signage inside Downtown Disney District.

A cloudy day at Downtown Disney entrance. People are gathered near the gate, some walking, others standing. Palm trees are visible nearby.

All of the new architecture is metallic with touches of color and hidden Mickeys. The shapes are inspired by mid-century design.

People are walking and standing under a modern structure with the word "DOWN" partially visible at the top.

Circular lights and ceiling fans hang over the security checkpoints.

A group of people, including adults and children, are standing in line outside an entrance with a metal gate. The building above has partial letters visible, spelling "DOWN.

There’s a new mural next to the plaza, but unfortunately, it’s almost completely hidden by fencing and security.

Downtown Disney District Mural

Outdoor security checkpoint area with metal detectors, a mural depicting a futuristic scene on a building wall, and trees in the background.

Once through security, you can walk down to the mural, though it may still be difficult to see depending on how busy the District is.

A large mural depicting futuristic architecture and people is displayed on an outdoor wall near a modern building with plants and succulents in the foreground.

The mural depicts the new grassy spaces and mid-century architecture.

A modern building facade with a wall composed of circular patterned white tiles and a mural visible on the left side. The ground is paved with a combination of gray and black tiles.

Next to it is a new white textured geometric wall. Similar walls are in the new plaza around the stage.

Geometric pattern of white and orange circular holes within a grid of square concrete blocks.

Some of the circles are painted in bright colors like green or red, turning them into hidden Mickeys.

New Restrooms & Water Fountain

Exterior of a restroom facility with distinct entrances labeled "Men" and "Women," featuring decorative white lattice walls and emergency equipment between the doors.

The wall leads to new restrooms.

A restroom sign reading "Women" with a design of Minnie Mouse ears and bow, mounted on a white wall with circular patterns.

The women’s restroom has a Minnie ear headband pictured above its blue and gray sign.

A men's restroom sign with a Mickey Mouse silhouette on a white tiled wall.

The men’s restroom sign is red and gray with Mickey ears above.

A door labeled with a restroom sign indicating it is a "Companion Restroom," alongside symbols for accessibility and all genders.

Triangular signs on the companion restrooms feature a pattern inspired by the geometric walls. The signs next to the doors also feature silhouettes wearing mouse ears.

Stainless steel water fountain and bottle filling station in front of a stone wall with cacti and plants in the background.

Next to the restrooms is a new pair of water fountains. An automatic water bottle filler is built-into the structure.

A man and child sit on a bench outside a building with a decorative stone wall. Trash bins and a tall pole are in the foreground, with palm trees in the background. The sky is overcast.

These restrooms and water fountain are next to Din Tai Fung. The new Chinese restaurant has its own red and black sign at this corner, below its curved roof. It’s scheduled to open this summer.

Other Downtown Disney District Construction

People walk along a curved pathway lined with palm trees on a cloudy day, with colorful and modern buildings in the background.

The walkway leading from the new security plaza and restrooms is lined with construction walls. This path leads to the grassy area and stage.

People walk along an outdoor path lined with palm trees near construction barriers with colorful panels. The sky is overcast.

Walls and scrim extend in front of Din Tai Fung on the right.

A construction worker stands near a green fence, with barriers and signs around. People walk on a nearby path in an outdoor area with trees and buildings.

Back outside of Downtown Disney District, when approaching from Disneyland Hotel, guests will encounter barriers, fences, and green scrim where security used to be.

A "Downtown Disney" sign with an arrow pointing right is displayed on a fence at a construction site. A worker in a high-visibility vest stands nearby.

A colorful banner on the scrim points guests to the new Downtown Disney entrance.

Sign with text "Downtown Disney & Theme Parks" and a right arrow on a white background, against a green fence.

Another sign nearby matches the new signage, with a stripe of hidden Mickeys.

A construction site with colorful barriers in an urban area, flanked by a decorated brick building and a modern glass structure. People are walking nearby, and trees are visible in the background.

From inside Downtown Disney District, the area is blocked by construction walls. The old security plaza has been demolished.

People walk by construction walls featuring colorful Pixar-themed artwork in front of the Disneyland Hotel, with large trees and greenery surrounding the area.

The walls are decorated with Pixar murals, coinciding with Pixar Fest.

Entrance to Downtown Disney with signage, a person standing in front, and gates marked "Cast Member Only" and "Exit Only". Trees and buildings are visible in the background.

Pavement work is now complete around this Downtown Disney District entrance. Until recently, fences and scrim surrounded the blue and silver entrance archway.

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