New Tower of Terror Pins Available at Walt Disney World

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Four different Disney-themed enamel Tower of Terror pins featuring characters and attractions from Hollywood Tower Hotel displayed in a retail setting. One pin is held in a person's hand.

New Tower of Terror Pins Available at Walt Disney World

On a recent trip to Magic Kingdom, we discovered four new “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” pins at Emporium.

New Tower of Terror Pins

Four new Tower of Terror pins featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Stitch are now available at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel Fold Out Pin – $19.99

A hand holds a Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror pin featuring Mickey and Minnie with a service elevator theme, displayed in a store among other Disney-themed pins at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This new fold-out pin features Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. The top of the pin depicts The Hollywood Tower Hotel on a stormy night. The building is white with black shadows. The sky above it is black with white rain and lightning bolts. “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” is in red above the building, providing the only color on the pin.

The second section shows Mickey and Minnie in a service elevator. Mickey is dressed in a black tuxedo with a red bowtie. Minnie wears a red dress and a red bow with a feather coming out of it.

The bottom section features Donald Duck carrying Mickey and Minnie’s luggage. He wears a red bellhop hat as he angrily enters the service elevator in the basement.

Stitch “The Hollywood Tower” Hotel Pin – $16.99

WDW MK Emporium Tower of Terror Pin 19

Stitch wears a red, black, and white bellhop uniform as he makes his way off the service elevator. A spiral of red and beige spins behind him. This same design in black and white is featured in Stitch’s eyes. He carries a white “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” suitcase.

Donald Duck Bellhop Pin – $12.99

A Disney pin featuring a stylized character holding packages in front of an elevator with a sign that reads "Out of Order." The pin, inspired by the Tower of Terror, is displayed on a card labeled "Disney Pins" and captures the spooky charm of Walt Disney World Resort.

In the third Tower of Terror pin, Donald wears his bellhop uniform and angrily holds numerous luggage items in front of a broken-down service elevator. A large white sign with red lettering reads “Out of Order.”

The Hollywood Tower Hotel logo is present at the bottom of each of the elevator doors.

Mickey and Minnie Tip Top Dance Club Pin – $12.99

A pin featuring Minnie and Mickey Mouse dancing, with the text "Dine and Dance at the Tip Top Club, Drop In! Only at The Hollywood Tower Hotel." This icon from the Disney Pins collection celebrates Disney World’s Tower of Terror.

In the final pin, Mickey and Minnie are dressed to the nines as they head for a night of dancing. Mickey wears his black tux and red bowtie and Minnie wears her red dress and red bow.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel logo is centered at the top of the pin. Beneath the logo, “Dine and Dance at” is written in black against a white background. Below that, the words “Tip Top Club” sit in red above the white “Drop in!” At the bottom of the pin, under Mickey and Minnie’s feet, the words “Only at The Hollywood Tower Hotel” are displayed.

These pins are just the latest Tower of Terror merchandise to drop. Earlier this year, a new hoodie and t-shirt dropped into Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What do you think of these new Tower of Terror pins?

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