Personalized Coca-Cola Cans Available at Disney Springs

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A hand holds a Coca-Cola can with an Orlando WDWNT design in front of a building with large Coca-Cola signage.

Personalized Coca-Cola Cans Available at Disney Springs

Coca-Cola lovers can now personalize their own can of Coke in the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs.

Personalized Coca-Cola Can

Coca-Cola ad showing customizable cans. Steps: Choose design, personalize message, and print. Displays various designs and is located on floor 2.

The experience is called “Coca-Cola x You.”

A touch-screen Coca-Cola vending machine is placed against a brick wall between two white doors. A red floor sticker in front reads, "Coca-Cola You.

A kiosk is located on the second floor of the store, which is near Planet Hollywood and Orange Garage.

Display case containing various Coca-Cola cans on a counter. Price label reads "$7.95 each." Two people working at computers are visible in the background.

Some examples of personalized Coca-Cola designs are on display at the cash wrap.

A red Coca-Cola vending kiosk against a brick wall lets you create a personalized Coca-Cola can, offering options to choose a design, add a message, and print it on the spot.

To personalize your own Coca-Cola can, tap this touch screen.

A touchscreen machine displaying options to choose between Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Original Taste, and Diet Coke with a "Personalize" button below.

The screen will prompt you to choose your favorite product. This determines what kind of Coca-Cola you’ll get: Zero Sugar, original, or Diet.

A touchscreen menu displays various design options for selection, including personalized Coca-Cola bottles, against a red-framed digital kiosk mounted on a brick wall.

You then get to choose from various designs.

A grid of twelve red-themed images, featuring various content such as birthday wishes, graduation icons, cities, polar bears, and Coca-Cola branding.

There’s a classic Coca-Cola design but you can also choose other images for your can. There are birthday, graduation, polar bear, and beach designs. A design with American flags is coming soon.

A touch screen display showing a Coca-Cola can with the option to personalize the message on the can. The can shows "Original Taste Orlando WDWNT". A keyboard and "Confirm" button are below.

We chose the beach design on an original Coke can. You have 35 characters total to write on your can. We kept it simple with “WDWNT” but you can put a name or phrase.

Touchscreen display showing a personalized Coca-Cola can customization interface. Text reads "Would you like to make another can?" Options include adjusting quantity, ready to print, and add another.

After confirming this design, you can choose to add another to your order. You can also order more than one of a design.

A digital screen displaying an order summary with a total of $7.95. Options to "Add Another" and "Complete Order" are shown at the bottom. The screen is set in a red frame against a brick wall.

A single personalized Coca-Cola is $7.95.

A Coca-Cola customization kiosk with an attendant helping a customer. The kiosk allows customers to personalize their own Coke bottles. An array of Coca-Cola products is visible in the background.

The personalized can will be ready to pick up at this counter.

A hand holding a customized Coca-Cola can with "Original Taste Orlando" text, in front of a red vending machine displaying various options on a digital screen.

They come in small white boxes to keep the can preserved.

A hand holds a Coca-Cola can with an Orlando WDWNT design in front of a building with large Coca-Cola signage.

Will you be getting your own personalized Coca-Cola at Disney Springs?

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