Play Disney Parks App Adds Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Achievement

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A sign reading "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" welcomes visitors at an entrance surrounded by lush greenery and themed decorations, with a water tower labeled "Tiana's Foods" standing proudly in the background.

Play Disney Parks App Adds Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Achievement

The Play Disney Parks app now has an achievement for guests who ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Achievement

A grayscale image of Princess Tiana holding a trophy. Text below reads, "Mardi Gras Maven: Tiana's Bayou Adventure." Join Princess Tiana and Louis on their journey through a shimmering bayou for Mardi Gras. Track your achievements using the Disney Parks App!

The new achievement is called “Mardi Gras Maven.” It is automatically unlocked when you ride the attraction. Guests who haven’t ridden Tiana’s Bayou Adventure can see the icon in black and white, while those who have already ridden it thanks to a preview will see the icon in full color. The icon features Princess Tiana in her Tiana’s Bayou Adventure outfit, holding a lantern.

Before it’s unlocked, it reads: “Join Princess Tiana and jazz-loving alligator Louis on their journeys through a shimmering bayou as they prepare for a spirited celebration during Mardi Gras season!”

Illustration of a character holding a lantern, accompanied by text congratulating the completion of "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" and earning a "Mardi Gras Maven" badge on June 3, 2024. Celebrate your achievement as you play Disney Parks to uncover more magical adventures!

When unlocked, it reads: “Congratulations! You completed a journey through the bayou – and got a chance to see up close the preparations Princess Tiana made for a spirited celebration during Mardi Gras season!”

The achievement will continue to be available after Tiana’s Bayou Adventure officially opens on June 28. It’s currently only available at Walt Disney World. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open later this year at Disneyland.

The “Splash Mountaineer” achievement remains intact for those who previously rode Splash Mountain.

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