Tomorrowland Hat & Space Mountain Keychain Available in Magic Kingdom

Corey McCoy

A close-up of a blue Tomorrowland bucket hat featuring an orange and white swan pattern is on the left. On the right, a person's hand holds a silver keychain with various symbols, including a fan and a flower.

Tomorrowland Hat & Space Mountain Keychain Available in Magic Kingdom

A new, retro-inspired Tomorrowland bucket hat, featuring the attraction pattern seen on previous merchandise, is now available at Magic Kingdom, as is a Space Mountain keychain. We found them for sale in Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

Reversible Tomorrowland Bucket Hat – $34.99

A person holds a Tomorrowland bucket hat in blue and orange with fish and boats. Similar hats and clothing items are visible on a rack in the background.

The bucket hat has a faded light blue and orange design featuring several Tomorrowland icons, both new and old. It includes a chin strap.

A Tomorrowland bucket hat in turquoise, adorned with a playful pattern of orange and white cowboy hats and sheriff badges, is displayed in a retail setting.

The bucket hat is reversible and features a collage of Tomorrowland attractions on one side.

A teal Tomorrowland bucket hat, featuring an orange and blue abstract design with white speckles, is displayed in a clothing store. Similar hats are visible on a nearby shelf.

On the other side is a wide single piece of Tomorrowland artwork. Seen at the far left is the classic Tomorrowland sign, and at the top-left corner is the Astro Orbiter. To the right is the Walt Disney World Monorail.

A close-up of a teal fabric patterned with an orange and white futuristic monorail, rockets, and a space scene with planets and stars, perfect for crafting a Tomorrowland bucket hat.

Below the Monorail are the ride vehicles from TRON Lightcycle / Run. Next to Space Mountain is the iconic street-post for Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.

Close-up of a teal tomorrowland bucket hat featuring vintage-style art of a monorail, racing cars, palm trees, and a futuristic building. The hat's fabric has a splatter pattern.

Space Mountain is in the center of the design, with shaped trees and shrubs around it. The ground is orange.

A blue visor hat featuring a space-themed design with spaceships and planets is displayed in a store, evoking the spirit of Tomorrowland. Other similar hats, including a stylish bucket hat, and shirts hang in the background.

The far-left end of the hat features Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch” in his spaceship from the movie. The TWA Moonliner rocket once featured in Tomorrowland at Disneyland during the ’50s-’60s is pictured. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is located on the bottom right.

Close-up of a teal fabric featuring illustrated designs of a rocket ship, a futuristic building, and orange vehicles under the night sky—all perfect for creating a Tomorrowland bucket hat.

The PeopleMover cars are those from Disneyland, not Magic Kingdom. The silhouettes of guests, including one wearing Mickey ears, are visible inside.

A tomorrowland bucket hat in teal, adorned with splatter patterns, features illustrations of a futuristic building, palm trees, and a cartoonish orange giraffe.

The subtle shape of the Tomorrowland entrance archway is in the background, along with celestial elements like a ringed planet and moon.

A teal bucket hat with a white splatter design and "Magic Kingdom" text is displayed for sale, blending style with nostalgia. The Tomorrowland bucket hat is priced at $34.99, offering both fashion and a touch of futuristic charm.

The bucket hat is printed with the classic Magic Kingdom text, and the entire hat has a white paint splatter design.

Close-up of a fabric with a dark green background and white splatter pattern, featuring the words "Magic Kingdom" embroidered in black, reminiscent of designs found on a Tomorrowland bucket hat.

Space Mountain Keychain – $12.99

A hand holds a silver keychain with a rhinestone-encrusted fan charm, a small flower charm, and a cylindrical charm against a blue checkered fabric background that reminds one of the Tomorrowland bucket hat.

This keychain has a standard keyring and a lobster claw clip. The Space Mountain charm hangs from a chain attached to a small palm tree charm. The palm tree is inspired by the metal palm trees in Tomorrowland.

Hand holding a keychain modeled after Disney's Space Mountain attraction, perfect to pair with your Tomorrowland bucket hat.

The Space Mountain charm is textured and sparkly. It’s flat on the back but the front is three-dimensional.

Close-up of a person's hand showing their colorful nails and wearing rings, holding a silver chain with a flower-shaped charm, while a Tomorrowland bucket hat rests in the background.

There’s a gem in the center of the palm tree.

A close-up of a person holding a keychain with the word "DACHSHUNDLAND" engraved, attached to a ring. Their black painted fingernail sports a rainbow heart sticker, and blurred clothing in the background hints at casual attire, including a Tomorrowland bucket hat.

Another charm is a rectangle reading “Tomorrowland.”

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