Universal Mega Movie Parade Debuts & More: Daily Recap (7/3/24)

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Collage of Disneyland images: top left shows a parade float, top right shows a castle with fireworks, bottom left depicts a character in a parade, and bottom right features two people in formal attire, perfect for your daily recap of magical moments.

Universal Mega Movie Parade Debuts & More: Daily Recap (7/3/24)

Universal Studios Florida debuts their brand new Universal Mega Movie Parade, Magic Kingdom celebrates the Fourth of July with a fireworks spectacular, and Disney CEO Bob Iger is looking to purchase a Soccer team — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

Daily Recap for July 3, 2024

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Fourth of July 2023 MK Fireworks 13

Disneyland Resort

Mickey Mouse dressed as a wizard parades through a Disney park with other characters, including Chip and Dale in colorful costumes. The scene includes a large, decorated float and vibrant decorations—perfect for your daily recap of magical moments!

Disney Cruise Line

Several children interact with Spider-Man in a futuristic room filled with digital screens and consoles on the Disney Dream cruise ship, where the excitement of each day is captured in a fun daily recap.

Entertainment and Media

A man in a suit holds an open box with a medal inside while standing beside a woman in a pink dress. Both are smiling, as if wrapping up their daily recap, and the background shows an elegant room with plants and lamps.

Universal Studios

  • A “Jaws” Lego set featuring the iconic shark and buildable ORCA boat is coming this August.

Universal Orlando Resort

Parade float depicting a "Back to the Future" scene with a DeLorean car, fire effects, and characters in costume. The crowd excitedly watches the universal mega movie parade unfold against a cloudy backdrop.
  • The Universal Mega Movie Parade premiere was temporarily delayed due to inclement weather.
  • The Universal Mega Movie Parade debuted with ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Jaws,’ ‘Jurassic World, ‘Ghostbusters,’ and more.
  • New Bubble wands featuring characters from ‘Despicable Me,’ ‘Trolls,’ and ‘Jurassic World’ are now available at Universal Studios Florida.
  • The Beat Builders’ usual stage in Universal Studios Florida is currently down, so they are now performing at CityWalk.

Universal Studios Japan

Three performers on stage with a water background, entertaining a crowd. As the audience takes photos, the scene comes alive with set pieces evoking a rustic, industrial theme—capturing the perfect moment for your daily recap.

WDW News Today

Major Changes Being Made to Haunted Mansion for Sensitivity Reasons

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