New Holiday Ornaments Available in the Magic Kingdom

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Two images show Christmas ornaments. Left: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie in a red stocking. Right: Zero from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in a black bathtub.

New Holiday Ornaments Available in the Magic Kingdom

A flurry of new holiday ornaments have found their way to Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom, in preparation for the 2024 Holiday season.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe exterior

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe can be found in Liberty Square, across the way from The Hall of Presidents. Despite its holiday theme, the store is open year-round.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

Jack Skellington Ornament – $24.99

A person holding a decorative figurine of a skeleton character in a red suit, sitting on a stone bench with white wings in the background.

Jack is seen here lamenting in his iconic Sandy Claws outfit after crashing down into the graveyard.

Close-up of a person holding a figurine featuring a character with a cloak and bat-like wings. The background consists of a store display with various hanging items.

Sally Ornament – $24.99

A hand holds a figurine of a character with long hair and stitches, sitting with a black cat on her lap, next to a basket with another cat. There's a jack-o'-lantern above them.

This Ornament features Sally petting the Black Cat that appears during the musical number, “Sally’s Song.”

Lock, Shock, and Barrel -$26.99

A hand holding a figurine of three characters in a bathtub: one with a devil mask, one with a skeleton face, and one wearing a witch hat, in front of a display of other merchandise.

Oogie Boogie’s underage henchmen can be seen riding around in their walking bathtub, no Santa Claus to be found.

Image of a hand holding a "Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" ornament package featuring a picture of Jack Skellington against a black background.

The tag on all of the Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments features a maniacal looking Jack Skellington, donning his classic Pumpkin King outfit.

Zero Light-Up Ornament – $24.99

A hand holding a Christmas ornament depicting a miniature figure of a white dog with a long nose, wearing a red and white striped scarf, lying in a brown bed with the word "ZERO" on a tag.

This cute ornament features Jack’s loyal ghost dog, Zero taking a nap in his doggy bed.

Person holding an oval electronic device featuring a switch and regulatory markings on the back.

The ornament even lights up, with Zero emanating a soft white glow. Batteries ARE included.

Mayor of Halloween Town Ornament – $24.99

A person holds a small figurine of a grinning character wearing a long coat, hat, and ribbon badge. The background displays similar figurines hanging on a striped green wall.

Halloween Town’s moody Mayor is the subject of this ornament. Bullhorn in hand, ready for October 31!

A person holding an ornament depicting a character with an exaggerated upset expression, wearing a hat and long coat, arms raised. Shelves with similar items can be seen in the background.

The ornament features a spinning head, so you can choose how you want the Mayor to look on your Christmas tree.

Pixar Ornaments

Toy Story Ornament – $26.99

Person holding a Christmas stocking ornament featuring three toy characters, two cowboys and a space officer, in front of a display with more ornaments.

Woody, Buzz, and Jessie can be seeing hanging around in this cowboy themed stocking.

A hand holding a red Christmas ornament with the name "Andy" written in gold letters.

Their loyal owner Andy has embroidered his name on the bottom of the stocking, as is tradition for him.

UP stocking – 26.99

A person holds a Christmas ornament depicting animated characters. A yellow dog wearing a reindeer antler headband stands in front of two humans sitting in a sleigh.

Dug has taken up a new job as a reindeer in this ornament, pulling along a stereotypically glum Carl, and a joyful Russel.

Monsters, Inc. Ornament -$29.99

A close-up of a snow globe featuring characters from a popular animated movie. Inside, a purple monster, blue monster, and a child stand on snow-covered ground decorated with snowflakes.

This Snow globe style ornament features Mike, Sully, and Boo amidst a blanket of snow.

A hand holding a clear glass ornament containing a small blue and purple creature with horns and a tail, standing on a snowy base, and decorated with festive details in the background.

Sully is sporting his finest winter Scarf. An attached ribbon is included for easy hanging on your Christmas tree.

The Incredibles Ornament – $29.99

A hand holds a glass dome ornament featuring characters from 'The Incredibles' decorating a Christmas tree.

The Parr family is seen decorating their Christmas tree in preparation for the Holidays in this meta ornament.

A hand holds a glass dome Christmas ornament featuring three superhero figures in red suits around a decorated Christmas tree. The background shows more ornaments hanging on a display.

Dash and Violet are painted on the globe of the ornament, while the rest of the family are sculpted figures.

Disney Villains Ornaments

Jafar Ornament – $26.99

A person holds a figurine of a villain in black robes with a staff, displayed against a background of similar figurines and other ornamental items.

Aladdin’s nemesis, Jafar, and his mouthy Parrot, Iago, are holding the Genie’s Lamp in this ornament. Smiles all around.

Scar Ornament – $26.99

A person holds a toy figure of an animated lion with a black mane, positioned on a green rock, against a background of other similar toys in packaging.

Scar looks quite menacing atop what appears to be the elephant graveyard.

Ursula Ornament – $26.99

A hand holds a decorative figurine, featuring a woman looking at a red mirror with a smiling man's face. The scene is set on an ornate, red vanity table. Background includes similar items on display.

Ursula’s human persona, Vanessa, is featured in this ornament depicting the iconic scene where Ursula sings to herself in the mirror.

A figurine shows a woman in a white dress interacting with a pink mirror reflecting a mischievous character and a sinister face behind her.

Venessa has very little screen time in the film, so it is unique to have a new ornament that features her.

Cruella De Vil Ornament – $26.99

Close-up of a hand holding a decorative ornament featuring a figure in a red and yellow outfit, standing in a theatrical pose within a window frame. Other similar ornaments are visible in the background.

A dalmatian’s worst nightmare, Cruella De Vil, is sporting her finest fur in this ornament.

A hand with pink nail polish holds a small decorative item shaped like a yellow door with a stained-glass window and a small plant next to it, against a blurred background with various hanging items.

Neat details like the potted plants, and wide open door bring this ornament together.

Queen of Hearts Ornament – $26.99

A close-up of a hand holding a Queen of Hearts Christmas ornament. The ornament has the Queen dressed in her iconic red and black attire, standing under a wreath with a heart-topped staff.

The Queen of Hearts is not happy with her rose bushes turned out this ornament.

A person holds a Christmas-themed ornamental figurine with a wreath-like head adorned with red roses. Several other figurines are displayed in the background.

Partially painted rose bushes can be seen on the backside of the ornament.

Captain Hook and Smee Ornament – $26.99

A Christmas tree ornament depicting two cartoon characters in a small boat, one dressed as a pirate captain and the other rowing with a paddle.

Peter Pan’s adversaries Captain Hook and Smee are sailing the high seas in this ornament. Thankfully, Tick-Tock the Crocodile is nowhere to be found.

Which one of these new ornaments would you like to hang on your Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments down below.

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