New Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell Shirts Available at Magic Kingdom

Cade Handley

Two T-shirts on hangers displayed on a wooden rack: one black with a Minnie Mouse graphic and "Walt Disney World" text, and one light green with Tinker Bell graphic also featuring "Walt Disney World" text.

New Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell Shirts Available at Magic Kingdom

New retro style T-shirts adorned with Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell have found their way to the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Minnie Mouse Shirts

Women’s Gray Minnie Mouse T-Shirt – $39.99

A white T-shirt with a design featuring Minnie Mouse's face and the text "Walt Disney World" hangs on a rack in a store, perfect for fans of Minnie Mouse Shirts.

This Scoop-neck shirt features the original 1971 Walt Disney World logo, along with a retro Minnie Mouse design.

Women’s Black Minnie Mouse T-Shirt – $34.99

A black T-shirt featuring a Minnie Mouse graphic with a red polka dot bow and the text "Walt Disney World" displayed on a clothing rack.

The shirt has a red and white polka dot pattern at the back of the neck, complimenting the design of Minnie with her iconic bow.

Close-up of a black fabric with "Minnie Mouse" embroidered in red cursive lettering and two small heart shapes above the 'i's, held by a hand.

Minnie’s signature is embroidered on the left sleeve of the shirt.

Women’s Light Blue Minnie Mouse Shirt – $39.99

A light blue Walt Disney World t-shirt featuring a silhouette of Mickey Mouse is displayed on a hanger in a store.

Minnie Mouse appears in silhouette on this light blue shirt. The shirt is knotted at the bottom, which is a popular style these days.

Tinker Bell Shirt

Green Tinker Bell shirt – $39.99

A light green t-shirt featuring an illustration of Tinker Bell from Disney's Peter Pan, displayed on a hanger in a store. The shirt has "Walt Disney World" written beneath the character.

Everyone’s favorite fairy appears on this light green women’s t-shirt. Tink’s dress is made of green sequins, and the square she is sitting on is a shiny metallic gold.

Who would you rather rep on a t-shirt, Minnie Mouse or Tinker Bell? Let us know in the comments down below.

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