New Mousewares Castle Turret Oil Bottle Available at Walt Disney World

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A hand holds a clear, intricately designed glass bottle with a metal spout. In the background, shelves display various kitchen items.

New Mousewares Castle Turret Oil Bottle Available at Walt Disney World

A new castle turret-shaped oil bottle from Mousewares is now available at Magic Kingdom.

We found it for sale in the Emporium.

Mousewares Glass Castle Turret Oil Bottle – $19.99

A hand holds a clear glass water bottle shaped like a cathedral. The background displays shelves with various kitchen items on a wooden floor.

The ornate design of this glass oil bottle is inspired by a castle turret, likely that of Cinderella Castle.

A person holding a clear, empty glass with various symbols and text visible on its base, over a store shelf displaying other items.

The bottom of the bottle is a flat base with an octagonal shape. The symbols on the bottom indicate that it is not microwave- or dishwasher-safe.

Close-up of a person holding a glass bottle with a metal pour spout, featuring a tag labeled "Mouse Ware Co." Shelves stocked with various items are visible in the background.

There is a removable metal spout on top for controlled pouring.

A person holds a clear glass oil dispenser shaped like a building, in a store aisle with shelves lined with various kitchen items.

We also recently found new Mousewares kitchenware at the Emporium, in addition to this bottle.

Will you be adding this oil bottle to your kitchen set? Let us know in the comments below.

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