Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip & Lemon Poppy Crumb Cookies Return to Gideon’s Bakehouse for July 2024

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A side-by-side image of two different cookies being held. The cookie on the left is covered in chocolate chips and small chunks of orange, while the cookie on the right has a crumbly texture with poppy seeds.

Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip & Lemon Poppy Crumb Cookies Return to Gideon’s Bakehouse for July 2024

The limited edition July 2024 cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse are the returning Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip and Lemon Poppy Crumb Cookie, a.k.a. Stuart and Bonnie’s cookies.

Gideon’s Bakehouse July 2024

A hand holds up a postcard with a Gideon's Bakehouse logo in front of a brick building displaying the same Gideon's Bakehouse sign. Trees and a clear sky are visible, creating an idyllic scene that looks like it was drafted from an artist's imagination.

The July 2024 menu artwork features Bartholomew the Skunk Ape in honor of Flavors of Florida.

Florida is wildly untamed yet surprisingly refined — much like our host for this year’s Flavors of Florida, Bartholomew the Skunk Ape. A true gentleman, Bartholomew has developed an appetite for the finer things in life. So, follow along as he guides us through the delicious flavors of the Sunshine State.

Gideon’s is offering Key Lime Pie Cake Bars for Flavors of Florida. The Mocha Orange Nitro Cold Brew has also returned for the summer festival.

A hand holding a menu for Gideon's Bakehouse July 2024. The auto draft menu details limited edition cookies, exclusive cakes, and special flavors available at different times throughout the month.

The limited edition cookies are available every day of July at Gideon’s in Disney Springs and East End Market. There is a limit of two per person each day.

Stuart’s Orange Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie – $6

Vanilla bean cookie dough fused with orange essence and mixed with dark chocolates, pecan pralines, and candied orange peel


The vanilla bean cookie base is a Gideon’s staple that will please most palates. The orange flavor is not subtle, though. The candied orange gives it a slightly artificial taste even though we know it’s organic.


There’s a heavy portion of dark chocolates and that is the strongest flavor. The pecan pralines are a nice addition but difficult to find among the other flavors and textures.

A hand holds a Gideon's Bakehouse chocolate chip cookie split in half, revealing its gooey interior studded with chocolate chips, in front of a blurry outdoor pool scene.

If you like chocolate and orange as a combination, you can’t go wrong with this cookie. But someone looking for a more subdued taste should steer clear.

Bonnie’s Lemon Poppy Crumb Cookie – $6

Lemon cookie filled with poppyseeds and white chocolate, topped with lemon butter crumbs and a thin sugar glaze

A hand holding a large, crumbly cookie with poppy seeds from Gideon's Bakehouse. The background shows a waterfront with a railing, pavilion, and partially blurry buildings.

This is a moist, soft cookie. Like the above, there are no subtle flavors. The lemon taste is strong. The crumbs on top are flaky but the deeper you go, the more you encounter a dough-like consistency. The sugar glaze is super sticky — this is best enjoyed with cutlery instead of your hands.

A hand holding a broken poppy seed cookie with white chocolate chips from Gideon's Bakehouse, against an outdoor background.

The poppy seeds are visually interesting but don’t add much flavor or texture. The melted white chocolate chips inside don’t do much to counter the tartness of the lemon. They do offer some nice creaminess, though.

As always, Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies are huge and probably should be shared with a friend.

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