WDWNT 50-Hour Marathon Show to Benefit Toys for Tots

Every year since 2008, WDW News Today has hosted a charity drive at the end of November to raise money for the Toys for Tots Foundation. To date, we have raised over $175,000 for this amazing organization with donations through our website and those made during our annual live program during the holiday season. This year, we are once again asking you to be a part of this holiday tradition where we continue Walt Disney’s dream and try to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Over 60 years ago, Walt Disney became one of the original sponsors of the Toys for Tots foundation, which ensures that every underprivileged child receives a toy during the holiday season. Walt and his animators personally designed the original Toys for Tots train logo that is still used today and the first poster created for Toys for Tots.

In this spirit, WDW News Today is putting on a 50-HOUR live broadcast to raise money for Toys for Tots. Head to our YouTube channel now and subscribe so that you get notifications when the event goes live! We hope you will join us beginning at 9 PM ET on November 24, 2023 when the broadcast begins and will help us by making a donation to this great cause at toys.WDWNT.com. You can bid on live auction items at Auction.WDWNT.com (pre-bidding is open now!)

Here’s a schedule of events for the entire 50-hour broadcast (all times EST).

Toys For Tots 50 Hr Marathon 2023 schedule5

Friday, November 24th

9 PM – 11 PM: WDW News Tonight with Tom Corless and Nick LoCicero

The internet’s only comedy show about Disney theme parks! Features “Where in the World is Tom Corless?” an elaborate game where someone can win a Walt Disney World Vacation, and more from this program usually presented on the WDWNT TV YouTube channel.

11:00 PM – 12 AM: Free WDW News Tonight W.I.G.S. Postshow

Saturday, November 25th

12 AM – 1 AM: Late Night Legos with Ashton and Nana

1 AM – 7 AM: Overnight Fun and Games with Frank and Arlo

7 AM – 8 AM: The Joy of Crafting with Miss Alison

8 AM – 9 AM: Pokémon Card Pack Openings

9 AM – 11 AM: WDWNT Around the Hub

The Show of Competitive Disney Parks Banter, hosted by Patrick Hackett.

11 AM – 1 PM: Halloween Horror Nights Discussion with Universal Parks News Today

1 PM – 3 PM: Funko Games, including A Muppets Christmas Carol

3 PM – 5 PM: Cooking with Nick

Learn to make favorite Disney Parks recipes, with Nick LoCicero and Tom Corless.

5 PM – 7 PM: WDWNT Boxed-In with Eric and Jill

The Boxed In crew previews the most amazing auction items available to benefit Toys for Tots, featuring over 300 items from Disney Parks around the world!

7 PM – 8 PM: Tom vs. Jason

The co-owners of WDWNT face-off for the first time ever in a competition directed by Ron D’Anna.

8 PM – 9 PM: Tom’s Honest Review of “World of Frozen” at Hong Kong Disneyland

Just mere hours after returning, join Tom for his first-ever LIVE honest review of a Disney offering. This time, Tom tackles the world’s first Frozen-themed land which opened this week at Hong Kong Disneyland.

9 PM – 11 PM: The WDWNT Podcast LIVE

Join Eric and Tom for a LIVE recording of the WDWNT Podcast, something usually reserved just for W.I.G.S. (WDWNT Inner Globe Society) Members.

11 PM – 12 AM: Walt Disney World 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Board Game

Tom and friends finally play the 1970s Walt Disney World board game themed to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.

Sunday, November 26th

12 AM – 3 AM: Entertainment Watch-Along

Join Arlo from Disneyland News Today and watch some classic Disney Parks entertainment from around the world!

3 AM – 8 AM: Overnight Fun with Billy and Katie

Including WDWNT Jr. Honest Review of WDW, Katie’s Shirley Temple Review, and Billy and Katie’s Power Hour

9 AM – 11 AM: WDWNT Play presents Lorcana “Rise of the Floodborn” Pack Cracks with Tom

Tom will open all of his Disney Lorcana “Rise of the Floodborn” packs and boxes live.

11 AM – 3 PM: WDWNT Play presents The 1st Annual WDWNT Staff Lorcana Tournament

Watch the WDWNT staff compete for Lorcana supremacy in the first annual staff-only tournament!

3 PM – 5 PM: ParksCenter

Join host Rob Whiteside for a live edition of ParksCenter, usually presented on the WDWNT TV YouTube channel.

5 PM – 6 PM: Auction Preshow With Poppy

6 PM – 11 PM: Live Auction Grand Finale

Bid on over 300 Disney Parks items from around the world, with 100% of all proceeds going to the Toys for Tots Foundation.