STK To Undergo Changes Due to Under-Performance at Disney Springs

STK Orlando has come to realization that what has worked so well for them in other markets may not work at Disney Springs.

STK Orlando

STK Orlando

While we did enjoy our first dinner at STK Orlando, it is possibly pricey enough to rule out a visit from many Disney World guests. The much cheaper lunch service was also not stellar in our review, probably a problem as that offering would open the establishment up to more families.

Jonathan Segal, CEO of the parent company One Group stated today that many of the more expensive steaks offered have not been popular and STK Orlando will be altering their menu and changing exterior signage in an effort to improve their visitor count and guest satisfaction. They are also considering the addition of an outside hostess stand.

STK Orlando opened in May at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort.


  1. JimV

    Calling it STK is the initial problem. Not a catchy name. You can easily go over $40 for a decent sized steak. The sides aren’t even included and cost $10 each. Much too high end. It’s a try once and done if they can even persuade me to go inside.

  2. Rhonda

    Disney isn’t the fancy steak type. More the charge the overweight guests $25 for a $2.50 crappy chicken sandwich on mickey plate type. There’s not much entertaining to do at Disney Springs but eat. But then again, they’re killing the shows and attractions at the theme parks too. Disney is being short sighted here.

  3. I don’t think it has much to do with the food. The atmosphere/concept just doesn’t fit. It’s a steakhouse/nightclub. It’s too loud for a relaxing high-end meal and its especially incongruous for families that want to chat about what happened that day or what’s up for the next day. And their price point is too high to capture a large local crowd, that can get similar quality for less money elsewhere.

    • Larry

      Agree! But you can get MUCH better quality food for a quarter the price off Disney property. We don’t mind paying for food and quality, but Disney’s outlets and participants have become a bit ridiculous in how much the cut every corner possible, and then some!

  4. Jeff

    My wife & I really enjoyed our dinner at STK. Atmosphere, food & service were all outstanding. But we’re not really the average family that goes to WDW.
    It definitely didn’t come across as a place for kids (which didn’t bother us at all).
    It’ll be interesting to see what changes they make.

  5. Kelly

    We ate here last week for the Magical Dining deal and while the food was good, we are not in a hurry to go back. My 10 year old son was begging to leave because as it gets darker, the music gets louder and it was too much for him. If I’m going to spend that kind of money for dinner, I want top notch service and a great atmosphere. We definitely preferred our meal at California Grill.

    They did have the hostess outside last week, my husband helped the lady push the desk outside. My kids were with us and I wasn’t impressed with the girls that kept yanking their skirts down so when they bent down to serve people everything didn’t hang out. We ate at 5;30, so it wasn’t a late night meal.

  6. Frank

    I hope all this “kidcentric” steakhouse, “elementary aged chefs,” and especially a roaming choir are just tongue in cheek humor!!! There is nothing I abhor more than roaming “minstrels” during dinner. I recall Palio in the Swan and I think Flagler’s in the Grand used to have roaming musicians. 8(
    If other high end restaurants like Shula’s, Bull and Bear, Yachtsman, California Grill, and Flying Fish are making it, one would have to look at all the new, and old competition in Disney Springs (DS). How many new “celebrity and non-celebrity chef” restaurants have recently opened at DS?? Not to mention the old standard!!. Competition there is fierce!!!
    My personal idea would be to replace Citrico’s in the Grand Floridian (I’m not a fan) w STK, tone down the music, and you have a winner.

  7. Nicole

    My husband and I ate at STK a few weeks ago and it felt more like a night club than a upscale restaurant. One table by us had people standing on their chairs dancing while another was using their phone for light to read the menu. It was so loud from the DJ that the staff didn’t know what customers were saying. Great food, horrible atmosphere.

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