“Rogue One’s” Saw Gerrera Set To Appear On “Star Wars Rebels”

It looks like one of the characters from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will be making the crossover from movie to animated television when Saw Gerrera joins the cast of “Star Wars Rebels: Season 3”!

According to Making Star Wars:

Rebels Reactions Podcast discovered a pretty awesome Star Wars Rebels poster at Toys R Us, the poster reveals for the first time, Rebels Rogue One connection. Saw Gerrera is featured on the poster. This is the first time we see Saw in Star Wars Rebels. 

I for one am very excited about this. Mon Mothma tells Jyn in Rogue One that Saw was a problem for the Rebellion and that’s why they weren’t working together anymore, so I would imagine we will see that falling out in Rebels.  We will see Saw in the second half of Rebels Season 3 where he will lead a investigation on Geonosis.

Source: Making Star Wars

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