Disney Vacation Club Members to Get Special Welcome with Each Park Visit

Starting January 11th, 2017, Disney Vacation Club members can get a special welcome every time they enter a Walt Disney World theme park.

Park entry touchpoints will activate a purple to green light sequence upon a successful scan with MagicBand for members, and cast members have been instructed to greet these guests with a “welcome home” message.

FastPass redemption will not activate any special effects, only park entry.


  1. Chris Edwards

    I have been getting a DVC entry at Epcot for the past couple of months. When I asked about the colors, the Castmember stated it was recognizing me as a DVC member.

  2. Rodan J Copilot (@RodanPIMC)

    Got the same thing back in October at MK and Epcot…And even got the ‘Welcome Home’ at least once at MK.

        • Mark Floyd-Thaut

          Um, then that means you won’t be told “Welcome Home”. It’s the DVC catch phrase and told to you on the phone, in person at your DVC, etc. You won’t be told this unless you buy in and become a memer.

          • Jason

            I’m not a DVC member however when I have stayed at the Boardwalk Inn, after getting my MagicBand scanned at the guard shack, the Cast Member working there has always said “Welcome Home”. They can clearly see we are not DVC members and say it regardless. So even non DVC members are being told “Welcome Home.”

        • Chris

          Yea, don’t. It’s a rip off. We’re one. If you pay me a few hundred bucks a month, I’ll call your cell now and again and say “welcome home’, and with more enthusiasm than the cast members who just want you out of their face…more people behind you…move along…lol

  3. Poor Pete

    That’s right folks, if you’re rich enough to be a DVC member, Disney is your home. If you can’t afford one, you’re just that loser moocher friend that’s always crashing on Disney’s couch for a couple days.

    • Mark Floyd-Thaut

      Little sensitive about this subject? It’s a time share for cryin’ out loud. You could afford one too if you have a few hundred a month to spend. You don’t have to be rich to buy in. We’re no better, than you. You get a silly “welcome home” greeting, big deal. lol

  4. Chris M Carstens

    What if you have a limited edition with it’s own set of effects/sounds? Does this replace those? Anyone have experience testing that out? For example the Finding Dory Limited Band, or the DVC 25th anniversary limited bands.

  5. Chris

    “Welcome Home” would be nice way of saying “Welcome Suckers”. Kinda like when cast member says “Have A Magical Day”, that means “get out my face fatso”. DVC is not a value it was sold to be when new. Now it’s more like prepaid vacation plan, that expires.

    • Mark Floyd-Thaut

      It’s the best investment we’ve done. We’ve bought 3 times and have enough points to have wonderful stays at the Grand Californian each Disneyland Trip. We can sell ours at any time for a profit. Seems like most who aren’t members, are the first to complain.

      • Chris

        Guess again Mark, We’re a member. We got suckered. And no, you can’t really sell at a profit. Disney said “NO” to some of our sales, and as you realizes, holds rights of refusal. Is kinda a scam where we pay in advance for vacation, and then Disney holds cards of our money to hold us at bay.

        • Read Before You Sign

          Sounds like you bought something you didn’t understand…DVC has always expired, and there has always been ROFR. That does not mean you cannot sell your DVC contract…it just means that Disney will buy it rather than allowing the sale to go through at the price that was agreed upon. You still end up selling your contract, but the person buying it doesn’t to buy it. You should have done more research before purchasing. I have bought and sold 3 different DVC contracts without any problem, and made a small profit on each sale.

          • Alejandro

            Yea, if you bought e contracts, YOU are the sucker my friend I want to buy my rental properties. The Disney Vacation Club is a sucker trap at best. You’ll always negotiate better vacation deals and packages when not purchased in advance, or as part of a package. Example, our last visit, free park hoppers, free meals, and room at 50% off. Not bad! Still..Disney’s product of theme parks is slipping badly enough, it wasn’t a steal of a deal.

          • Read Before You Sign

            Bought a Boradwalk contract for $19, sold it for $22. Bought another Boardwalk contract for $11k, sold if for $14k, bought an Animal Kingdom Lodge contract for $28k, sold if for $31k. So far, I have made $9,000 for simply taking vacations. So yeah, for free dining, free tickets, whatever, not worth $9,000. And, I also own several vacation condos in the Orlando area. You are just a wannabe. Grow up.

          • Read Before You Sign

            Not to mention the houses I own in Champions Gate. Look it up. If you want to make REAL money in the Orlando market, you should contact me.

        • alice west

          what does “hold you at bay” mean??? Did Disney promise you something other than lodging at a reduced price??? How were you “suckered”??? Timeshares by their nature are prepaid vacations. My DVC paid for itself pretty much after the 10th trip. my annual dues are ~1000 bucks. no way could I go to Disney in a deluxe 1 bedroom for less than 200 day.

          • Lourdes

            We’re in at Polynesian this week (Disney Deluxe) and got free dining plan, and free tickets to the park, and our room is $110/night before tax. Basically being paid to come to Disney. We’re with a group of 20 from Argentina. DVC is a rip off. But if worth it to hear “welcome home”, you need it more than I do!

    • Danny

      They don’t have any way of knowing that you bought resale, so yes they will say “welcome home.” And after you have become a custom to the whole DVC life, you won’t go back to the non DVC.DVC way. I just fly back sunday to my RL home and wish I were still at my Disney home!

  6. Buzz

    Jezzz a bunch of whining b@@@@@ on here. If your not happy quit paying not happy sell not happy move on quit whining Blahblahblah

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