RUMOR: Disney Junior – Live on Stage Removing Puppets to Become Screen-Based Show

The Disney Junior: Live on Stage show at Disney California Adventure will be closing for several weeks later this year to undergo a major overhaul that should be removing puppets from the show.

Disney Junior: Live on Stage at Disney California Adventure may be removing puppets

Disney Junior: Live on Stage at Disney California Adventure may be removing puppets

When the show returns later in 2017, it is rumored to be a screen-based show hosted by a single entertainer, utilizing clips from various Disney Junior programming. Not only will newer Disney Junior programs be incorporated, but the puppets that have been a staple of the show since it opened will be history as part of cost-cutting measures. The puppeteers in Disney Junior are union entertainers, and apparently this did not help their case (according to sources). 

No exact date for the closure of the show has been made yet, but it should be in April. There is no word if similar changes will be made to the Walt Disney World show in the future.

The show was last updated in 2013 to include Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins:

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  1. Ashley K

    That’s so sad! My kids adore this show. And since I have to watch many a Disney Junior show I have to say it is very well done! The puppets make a huge difference!

  2. Mike

    So, Disney has decided to do a “Universal” type attraction (all screens) on the cheap. Way to go Disney bean counters!

  3. Chris

    Sad. Getting tired of looking at screens all the time at parks. The puppets were cute and had appeal to the target toddler audience.

  4. JimV

    There’s so many screen theaters that’s under-utilized like The Bug’s and former Muppets Theaters. They can just remove the seats in the first few rows. What happened to the rumor about a Marvel show coming?

  5. Yak

    Puppets cost money. Theater cheap. Disney is cheap. Disney doesn’t give a crap about the guests preference or experience. End of story.

  6. KG

    my friend was a puppeteer for this show for several years who now has back and knee pain from working the puppets. I know it will take a lot away from our entertainment, but it will help the continuous string of worker’s comp

  7. SkippyD

    The performers are not union yet, they were in the middle of contract negotiations to be able to be union, earn a better pay, get better representation and a safer work environment and the mouse did wanna give the proper $$ to a well deserved cast.

  8. ran6110

    Do you think Iger get’s the big bucks for thinking about CM’s or Guests? He’s got a choice, his wallet or the CM’s and Guests and he always chooses his wallet first!

  9. CYX 5535

    OMG THEY CAN’T DO THAT. They should just keep it the way it originally was, otherwise use the park costumes to fill in. But the closed face characters though can get their articulated heads for the performance, considered how it’s commonly used at the park’s attractions nowadays. Also Disney, please take note of updating the show to latest content, considered there’s now Mickey and The Roadster Racers replacing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Captain Jake & The Neverland Pirates replacing Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc Mcstuffins Toy Hospital replacing Doc Mcstuffins.

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