Joffrey’s Coffee Magic Kingdom Kiosk Gets a Name and Exclusive Beverage

The previously announced Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk at the Magic Kingdom now has a name: Revive.

The Joffrey's Coffee kiosk's location near Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Stage.

The Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk’s location near Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Stage.

Joffrey’s Coffee has confirmed our speculation that the construction near Space Mountain is for the new kiosk. Opening in March, the location will even offer a beverage exclusive to Magic Kingdom Park, the “More S’mores Latte”, made of espresso, rich chocolate sauce, sweet marshmallow syrup, whipped cream, graham cracker sprinkles and marshmallows. The new drink will be available hot or iced.

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  1. Larry

    I love coffee. Kiosks for selling stuff to guests I understand, that’s the only goal of WDW, to sell, but they are losing some needed space, it’s like putting taco stands in one lane of I4. Many days, you can’t move in Magic Kingdom they’ve added 20 stands to every one attraction. They need to address that. AND that there’s not enough attractions compared to space/crowds/sales joints. The lowing product quality and planning for any benefit to the guests is why Disney is loosing crowds and money in my opinion, it’s not the increasing prices.

      • Sheehan

        Just what Disney needs. More dumb walls. What a joke of theme park, honestly. I like Disney, but they’re outta control with just going after money. NOTHING going back to guests. I agree with Larry.

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