PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 2/17/17 (Star Wars, Toy Story Land, Cupcakes, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us on a short trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Let’s see what’s new and exciting (or left, at this point) around the park!

Every Roll a Starring Rolls

Even though Starring Rolls has closed, select treats from the location have found their way over to the Trolley Car Cafe, including the infamous peanut butter cupcake.

There’s still no word on what will be occupying this space, but we expect an expansion of the nearby Brown Derby Lounge

One Movie Studio’s Dreams

In case you missed it, the Beauty and the Beast sneak peek has opened in the One Man’s Dream theater, removing theme park models in favor of movie and television props. Be sure to check out our post for an in-depth look at the changes.

Toy Story Land

Walls now block our view into what will be the entrance to Toy Story Land between the former Jack Sparrow soundstage and PIXAR Place.

Meanwhile, dirt continues to move just behind these walls, visible to guests.

A peek through the rather larger holes in the gates reveals construction workers on the job, laying steel for the Toy Story attractions (Little Green Men Swirling Saucers in this case).

A wall of trees makes the area seem slightly more inhabited than it did a few weeks back.

This and That

This crazy new Buzz Lightyear flying toy is now for sale at the parks. It is hooked to a string, but takes flight when you push a button on the handle piece.

Getting artsy with birds on PIXAR Place.

Believe it or not, this is a completely different bird that landed on this letter a second after the other moved. Weird.

Happy Valentine’s Day

A special Valentine’s Day cupcake is available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios currently, at select locations.

It’s so pretty that you don’t even notice anything missing in the background, right?

We decided to take it somewhere where we could have privacy… PizzeRizzo…

It was just OK… the frosting was really thick but not very flavorful. The cake part was fine. At least it was pretty.

Star Wars Land

Work continues on the Star Wars themed land, visible from the PizzeRizzo balcony.

Throwing in the Towel

A selection of new kitchen towels can be found for sale around the parks.

They are a little cheaper if you buy 3 sets.

While the Darkroom is closed, the soda machine has a temporary home inside Celebrity 5 & 10.

A new candle votive is available, featuring Cinderella Castle.

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Melanie B.
3 years ago

Ah, it was like being there for a few minutes– thank you for being the eyes and ears for those of us who can only visit rarely! Some really great pics, and you did distract me from the missing balloon!

Brian Yesutis (@BrianYesutis)

Is there any talk of blocking the view of the construction from Pizza Rizzo? Usually, there is either a wall or a skrim blocking the view.

3 years ago

Construction and walls are not considered an “attraction”. It’s about the only thing left you can do for fun that you don’t have to pay extra for on top of your admission.

Mike Pinault
Mike Pinault
3 years ago

When the last building of streets of America will start tear down?