Disney Closes Alternative “In-The-Know” Guest Entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney is closing the secondary bag check and walkway used to enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This path was often used by more knowledgeable guests to enter the park, as fewer guests would travel this way. It also had its own dedicated security bag check and metal detector in recent years. It is located just off to the left of the Main park entrance shown above.

The path will now only act as a guest exit from the park. All guests will be required to travel through the main entrance and security checkpoint directly in front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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  • I liked having these lesser known options like shortcuts and alternative routes to navigate the theme parks when necessary under varying circumstances like thunderstorms, crowds, parking etc. Its not as much fun anymore now that meals and fast passes and parking etc all have to be preplanned and controlled.

  • Just when you think Disney can’t get cheaper, they get cheaper. It saves 2 people at minimum wage, and makes the few other lines open longer. Where are the trolls who say Disney is wonderful and cares so much about the experience? Oh yea. They’re probably in a line somewhere.

    • whah :'( I have to wait to get into the park. I hope you get stuck behind a Brazilian tour group that doesn’t know what they are doing for the rest of your life

      • Hey! I’m Brazilian and I happen to know what I’m doing. As a matter of fact 180 days before my trip I already have reservations for everything I planned. CRT, Akershus, BOG, Chef Mickey’s and I was actually planning to use that entrance. But…. I get it. I won’t lie, whenever I see a large Brazilian tour group I stop speaking portuguese immediately. lol. Actually, whenever I see a small one too. :)

        • Disney being so horribly run, Brazilians getting free admissions, free food, free dining plan, and 80% off value resorts in shoulder season. This closing lines to make other ones longer seems another bad decision from poorly paid Disney managers.

  • Shameless money grab…Walt rollin’ in his grave…have to walk 20 extra steps…etc. etc.

    • Watt was cremated. Doubt he can roll. But yea, it’s a way to save money and screw customers into standing in longer lines while cutting even more staff. You at minumum got that right. Will give you a C for effort.

    • I can see this disney intern just got fed up trying to come up with new excuses and has resorted to just copy/paste the same line over & over

      • I always see you comment negative things. If you hate Disney so much, why do you call yourself “Disney Pete”?

        • You always seem to complain about the messenger and fail to see Disney falling. If you love Disney so much, why do you keep making excuses for their failures?

          • They usually either work for them Pete, or are just realllllllly dumb and naive. NOBODY hates WDW more than Disney. It’s just a way to squeeze money now a days. “Disney” doesn’t matter to them. Nor their guests.

          • I never made an excuse. I’m just saying, I think this is a lot of overreacting over a closed entrance. Can’t we be adults about this?

  • Yes I’m sad this is gone. It always made it easier to entire the park fast. However it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like you’re waiting that long for security checks. And if you can’t wait in line for a few minutes to get into the park well I’m not sure if you can handle the lines inside the park. ?

    • Todays wait at MK was 1 hour and 15 minutes. That’s pretty long. Longer than most US airport security lines, and the Disney ones are really just for guests to feel something is being done, and slow them down so we can cut staffing inside the park a little while longer. The guests will pay same and as you point out, most insanely tolerant to being held in lines.

  • Has anyone here stopped to consider that this is likely due to traffic flow where new security protocols are concerned? It likely has absolutely nothing to do with cost cutting, but rather than to create a choke point where mandatory metal detectors will be set up. What really is the point of funneling all guests through metal detectors, if some guests can just bypass it at a side entrance? Take a trip over to Universal Orlando and see how they are doing it. I was just over at EPCOT a few days ago, where they also have a side entrance, and the security employees there informed me that that entrance will also be closing, so that all guests will go through metal detectors instead of just random guests. It would stand to reason that this is the same end goal at DHS.

    • Disney does the metal detectors and such for a show, none of the casts or back entrances are even watched, it’s to make you ‘feel safe’. And they’re closing these areas, and in fact rarely opening many of their entrances, parking gates, tables at restaurants, etc just for economics. We can even run less ‘trains’ on attractions and cut a few cast members on the slow days. Guests notice a longer wait, but so what? They’re already there is the mentality. According to their research they feel a 2 hour wait to park and enter is fair. I happen to disagree….and think you should make guests has happy as possible, but the word repeated over and over is efficiency. No regard to guest experience.

    • They were running all guests through the detectors at the side as it was. It’s a cost saver. Long lines don’t matter to Disney.

      And for what it’s worth, take a stroller or tell them you have a pacemaker, no metal detector! It’s just a feel good measure for guests afraid after the Pulse shooting. Easy to get weapons or stuff in Disney, they have cut true safety measures even more than they’re closing turnstiles.

  • Even though that entrance was closed yesterday the walkway was still being manned by 2 security people who were telling people to go the other way, I don’t see how that is closing it for budget? There must be some other reason.

    Also Disney still runs max capacity on their rides pretty much all the time you all should stop being such whiny bitches. If you want to see budget cuts go to a normal park like Six Flags or Cedar Fair and you will see real budget cuts (rides running 1-2 trains etc).

    • Jeff, You couldn’t be more wrong. Rides, entrances, restaurants are cut back > 75% of the year, minus peak days. We no longer call in help when there’s call outs unless we reach minimum staffing, which is very low. You seem like the whiniest old croon on the replies, and are very ill informed. There is no reason beyond cost or efficiency (another word for squeezing more from each cast member, and each guest’s wallet for the least output) for any WDW decisions now a days. We’re run by bean counters who honestly couldn’t from their office name 3 Disney characters, much less care.

      Disney used to have more staff at that entrance (4), and eventually will be an exit swinging only gate with one person. We also rent the metal detectors, and that’s one less to pay for. One body savings, or one hour less of paying someone, irregardless of the impact to guests, is the law of Disney land among statused managers. I’ve worked other them parks and cruise lines, there is no one in the industry less conscious about any individual guests experience (unless they think it will bring bad PR). To also believe Disney hasn’t cut back tremendously in safety and guest experience while observing other cost saving measures, requires naivety beyond retardation.

      • Andres, Ryan B and Larry…..You are idiots, Disney is the best in the industry at what they do. If you don’t like having to walk a little bit further, then get one of your boyfriends to drop you off at the entrance. Disney World rules.

        • popcorn, you obviously don’t get out of the jail much. and the article isn’t about walking a few steps, it’s about the now standard hour lines cuz Disney’s cheap closing more stuff, and get over yourself, WDW doesn’t care about you either. If you were a fan in their eyes, you’re little felon behind would not be here spouting stupid, it would be standing in a long line at the parks spending money, and no wanting anything in return like a good little guest.

        • I completely agree ?. Disney is the absolute best in the industryat what they do. Cutting budgets and quality for the sake helping the bottom line. Disney World drules.

  • On marathon weekend, the lines at security were unbelievable…..and they were not adequately staffed to open all detectors. FAIL!

    • 2 hours for us to get into MK yesterday, 2 hours 45 minutes including parking line. It’s all from so many lanes being roped closed, WHY!???! Made our flight down look luxurious. We left property for McDonalds, quite a step up from ANY of Disney’s dining offerings. It’s clearly not the same it was even 3 years ago. Big problems.

      • Wait they actually have managers making these horrible decisions? I thought all decisions were made using an origami fortune teller that was made by a 7th grader.

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