Epcot Introducing Refillable World Showcase Souvenir Wine Glass This Weekend

Beginning Sunday, April 9, Guests will be able to purchase a souvenir refillable wine glass at the Weinkeller (Germany pavilion), La Bottega Italiana (Italy pavilion), and Les Vins de France (France pavilion) in World Showcase at Epcot. This acrylic glass, which retails for $5.00 including tax, can be refilled with a selection of still wines at any of the aforementioned locations. While the glass is a great souvenir to help Guests remember their Epcot visit, it also reduces the amount of plastic used in the park. In addition to being reusable, the glass is dishwasher safe.

For whatever reason, it does not appear that there will be cheaper pours for wines with the glass, at least for now.

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  2. Dawn

    Nice idea- especially environmentally. Hardly makes up for LeVins raising champagne prices from 12.50 to $26 a glass OVERNIGHT. Disney is really getting greedy.
    I’ll check it out tho. Curious what wine they will pour and IDK why for Food and Wine they don’t offer a small discount if u use your same glass- they are all universal? Even 25cents or 10crbts would cut waste down by the tons!

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