Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom to be Closed Summer/Fall 2017 for Refurbishment

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be going down for an almost 3 month long refurbishment this Summer and Fall.

The attraction will be closed August 28th through November 16th, 2017, reopening on the 17th should all go according to plan.


  1. Scott Dolan

    ??? Did they offer a reason as to why they’re doing this during a busier time of year? I would think January through early March would be preferable.

    • gary

      come on!!!!!!
      I’ll be there at that time and what a bummer.
      One of the best rides in the parks….not a happy camper here !!!

      • WDWNT Spelling Error Police (we're an overworked force)

        Gary, please keep this channel clear for official WDWNT Spelling Police business. We are very busy these days. Thank you for your continued support.

        • WDWNT Spelling Police (To Correct, and Serve)

          Glad to see you fixed it, Tom. I’m going to let you off with a warning this time., as I’ve met my quota for the month. Next time you might be ticketed and issued a summons to Grammar Court.

  2. Progressive Music Lover

    Outrageous!! I was on Splash Mountain 2 weeks ago and the attraction was working perfectly fine. There is no reason to close Splash Mountain for that amount of time and especially that time of year. No doubt this is a tactic employed by Disney in order to annoy and harass it’s patrons.

    • Progressive Music Lover

      Oh wait, I just remembered I’m a crazy person and forgot to take my meds. Please disregard my previous rant. The hospital is now telling me my time on the computer is up. Oh boy, time for jello and another session of chewing on my own hair and hitting the rubber walls with my head!

  3. Disney Pete

    Anyone want to know how I live on an income solely based on aluminum can recycling? I’ll be holding classes in my trailer over the next week. They have to all be during the day though, my power got turned off and I won’t be able to pay for it to come back on until my neighbor finishes that case of Molson he’s been nursing.

    • Disney Pete

      Is that what you put in that colostomy bag, you fake!

      These Disney interns have lost it. Their creativity has gone the same way as Disney’s: down the colostomy bag.

      • Disney Pete

        Oh my name is Disney Pete
        I got Diabetes and can’t feel my feet
        I’m an angry little man, with absolutely no tan
        and I lure kids to my van with a big bag of sweets

          • Disney Pete

            FYI: My obsession with calling everyone a “Disney intern” stems from a fateful evening where a Disney intern told me to stop asking young children near the Dumbo ride, if they liked to wrestle. Really ruined my evening.

          • Disney Pete

            Is that why you get triggered so easily? You feel personally offended when someone speaks ill of your happy place? I gotta talk to your mommy next time I’m with her, little Disney intern. Maybe we can make you whole again and you don’t feel the need to have other people’s personalities when they criticize your happy place.

          • Disney Pete

            I’m also easily angered by online trolling and provide a great deal of entertainment for people who like to make me all hot and bothered!! I’m obviously emotionally unstable and unable to process my anger in a coherent or productive manner. I’m a nut job!!

          • Disney Pete

            No, you’re not a nutjob, little dickey Disney intern (can I call you that?). You’re just a poor little kid that didn’t have too much attention from your parents and is really upset that mommy spends so much time with stranger than you.

            I’ll advice your mommy to tell you nice fake stories about Disney parks so you don’t have to be burdened with how the parks are rotting and management wants to rape you at your desk forcing you to be nice to all those people at the parks who get more attention than you get.

            You can count on me, little dickey Disney intern.

        • Disney Pete

          I don’t know who either of you degenerate losers are, but I am the only one here who is the real Disney Pete. Why people find it amusing to impersonate me is beyond me. But I will not sit idly by and watch my name smeared in this manner. My first plan of action is to go wee wee in my hand and drink it up yum! Cause I’m Disney Pete and I’m a messy baby!!!

          • Disney Pete

            Sure, little dickey Disney intern. You’re me, and Progressive Music Lover, an Totally not a Clown and all those people that you wish to be rather than yourself for we know it is painful to be you. Hearing your mommy’s moaning’s when I’m with her must be really making you sad.

            Hang in there, little dickey Disney intern. Life gets better

      • Disney Pete

        But I would be surprised to find a woman who thinks I’m attractive. Most people don’t like my gut or my open sores. :(

        • Disney Pete

          Of course it would be difficult, little Disney intern. Women don’t like people (I wouldn’t call you a guy) that get triggered at the most insignificant nuisance or criticism of the thing you like more than women: defending your happy place. I blame myself for not being your real daddy but rather the guy who sleep with your mom.

  4. Irishmom68

    They just refurbished it last year, it was closed Jan 2016 when we visited. Are they shoring up the water area to keep alligators out? I recall there was video on the YouTubes of small aligators in the water where the boats splash down.

  5. Dennis

    They closed thunder mountain the same time last year. Dinosaur and Pirates in the last couple of wars the same time. There will always be one major ride down in the fall based on the last few years.

  6. Kristin

    I’m so bummed! We went two years ago when my youngest was 2 (almost 3), and she was a hair too short to ride (legitimately–not even 1/2 an inch too short). We just booked a trip for late September, and I was so excited for her to be able to go on Splash Mountain! :(

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