Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom to be Closed Summer/Fall 2017 for Refurbishment

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Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be going down for an almost 3 month long refurbishment this Summer and Fall.

The attraction will be closed August 28th through November 16th, 2017, reopening on the 17th should all go according to plan.

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  • ??? Did they offer a reason as to why they’re doing this during a busier time of year? I would think January through early March would be preferable.

    • Probably think most schools are back by end of August and thats when it starts to slow down. Opens back up before thanksgiving week when they will be really busy.

    • They do this often. During the busy times and when so nany travel so far to visit. Also Disney is so slow where as Universal gets things done at a much faster process. Love WDW but they need to clean up some of their ways. Just found out that the fudge is no longer made on site.

    • come on!!!!!!
      I’ll be there at that time and what a bummer.
      One of the best rides in the parks….not a happy camper here !!!

      • Gary, please keep this channel clear for official WDWNT Spelling Police business. We are very busy these days. Thank you for your continued support.

        • Glad to see you fixed it, Tom. I’m going to let you off with a warning this time., as I’ve met my quota for the month. Next time you might be ticketed and issued a summons to Grammar Court.

  • Outrageous!! I was on Splash Mountain 2 weeks ago and the attraction was working perfectly fine. There is no reason to close Splash Mountain for that amount of time and especially that time of year. No doubt this is a tactic employed by Disney in order to annoy and harass it’s patrons.

    • Oh wait, I just remembered I’m a crazy person and forgot to take my meds. Please disregard my previous rant. The hospital is now telling me my time on the computer is up. Oh boy, time for jello and another session of chewing on my own hair and hitting the rubber walls with my head!

  • They just refurbished it last year, it was closed Jan 2016 when we visited. Are they shoring up the water area to keep alligators out? I recall there was video on the YouTubes of small aligators in the water where the boats splash down.

  • They closed thunder mountain the same time last year. Dinosaur and Pirates in the last couple of wars the same time. There will always be one major ride down in the fall based on the last few years.

  • I’m so bummed! We went two years ago when my youngest was 2 (almost 3), and she was a hair too short to ride (legitimately–not even 1/2 an inch too short). We just booked a trip for late September, and I was so excited for her to be able to go on Splash Mountain! :(

    • Unless you have already purchased plane tickets I would rebook. Yes I am serious. We have trip booked November and Splash Mountain should be open our last 3 days but I may change it to be safe. lol

  • cannot believe Disney is closing down one of the best rides for this length of time-please open it for October

  • Really annoyed by this news, I’m going to Disney in october from the Uk so we’ve got quite a trek to go even though my favourite ride will be shut ????

  • OMG! We booked a 3 week trip this October / November. Our 5 year old, my partner and I all have matching Splash Mountain t-shirts. We were there for 2 weeks in February / March and rode Splash Mountain 12 times (4 times in a row on our last day at MK). It is our favorite WDW attraction. Super bummed. We leave to go home to Canada on Nov. 14th on our next trip. Think I’ll see if I can change the flights so we leave on the 18th instead! ;)

  • So I’m still flabbergasted at this closure. I’m there the week of September 11th, and I get it — September is a relatively slow month. But it’s also an incredibly hot month and rides like Slash Mountain are what keep us cool during the day.

    I would have expected it to be closed during the cooler months, when ridership is lower.

  • We are platinum plus pass holders, we went to magic kingdom 2017 sixteen times, I would say we rode splash mountain over 20 times through 2017, I would say 15 of those times we got stuck for 2- 5 minutes while riding the ride,we just got back from a 10 days Disney, so we rode it a couple extra times knowing it will be closed next 3 months, but it definitely needs some repair.

    • It broke on us as well right under the freaky vultures! Then right at the top just as we were to go down the final big hill. My daughter won’t ride it again it scared her so much.

  • I really, really, really hope this doesn’t involve removing anything from the ride because of people who are offended by everything. This is one of my family’s all time favorite Disney rides.

    • Most likely changing the” redhead” part of ride. She will no longer be for sale but will remain on attraction. Gotta be politically correct I guess. Even though the ride is about Pirates .

  • I can’t believe they got rid of the great movie ride they are chancing a lot of things that don’t need to be replaced like for instants horizon world of motion the original imagination ride with the dream finder like the saying goes if somethings not broke theres no need to fix it, universe of energy needed to go that was a really dumb cheesy ride..

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