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VIDEO: Johnny Depp Shocks Disneyland Guests as Jack Sparrow on Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at Disneyland and gave riders of the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” attraction a real treat, appearing in character as Captain Jack Sparrow! Check out these two videos!

Disney was filming these interactions, so expect to see video from them in the coming weeks.

Source: EW, Tommy Williams, Patricia

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  • I would like to know whose idea this was (Disney or Depp) and whether he was paid to do it. It’s a fantastic idea either way. Can you imagine seeing the real Ellen on Ellen’s Energy Adventure, or Obama chilling on stage in the Hall of Presidents? Delightful.

  • He looks so real. When I went a few years ago the animatronics were not as fluid. Disney is really stepping up their game.

  • In the Pirates ride at wdw, the jack sparrow animatronic at the end is so real looking AND uses depps voice. Seeing the real Depp do it live Id probably not believe it was really him until I stepped off the ride.