RUMOR: Walt Disney World’s Disney Dining Plan Adding Alcoholic & Specialty Beverages in 2018

According to internal rumblings, 2018 Disney Dining Plan packages should include alcoholic and specialty beverages.


With the new plans, guests will now be able to enjoy a choice of either one speciality non-alcoholic or alcoholic (if they are over 21 years of age) beverage with each meal.

A single serving non-alcoholic specialty beverage may includes items such as Artisanal Milkshakes, Smoothies, Premium Hot Chocolates, Soda, Coffee, or Tea. A single serving alcoholic beverage might include items such as Beer or Cider, Wine or Sangria, or even Mixed Drinks such as specialty cocktails.

With these additions, prices for the Disney Dining Plan should be raised again. It is unclear if guests can opt out of these additions for a cheaper plan, but it seems doubtful. Reportedly, those who have already booked 2018 packages will get these new entitlements at no extra charge.

An official announcement from Disney is expected this week.

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  1. David Rivera

    Im confused. Is this a rumor or fact? Your last paragraph gives the idea that is already has happen yet the title is a rumor.

    • andrew

      It is a rumor until it is confirmed as a fact. Tom has sources that he trusts so he feels confident that it will be confirmed as fact.

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