Combo Contest 1 Results

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First off, a big thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Every entry was awesome and very creative. We were constantly amused and blown away each time we opened our email up. We look forward to the next time we have this contest, and to all the contests we will have in the future. Listen to our latest podcast to hear us talk about our favorites.

And now.. the winner…s

Best Combo: Fancy Evil Dr. Porkchop
by: Mae Rayes
Head: Evil Dr. Porkchop (Toy Story)
Body: Mr. Toad (Passholder Exclusive)
Cane: Fairy Godmother’s Wand (Animation 1)
“This was one of our first entries and it just stuck in my head the entire time. The head and body just fit aesthetically. The bowler hat on Evil Dr. Porkchop just fits with Mr. Toads clothing and using the wand as a can toped it off.”
Best Duo (Special Award): Daft Punk
by: William Tran

Heads: Blue Monorail, Mission Space (Park 3)
Bodies: Statler, Waldorf (Muppets)

“Everything about this was perfect. The idea, the execution, the photography, the setting, the Disney connection, the poses. Everything. Only the first two were necessary, but this entry went above and beyond.”

For your enjoyment, here are all the others. (In no particular order) Thanks again for all the participation!

Thriller Michael Jackson
by: Mayra Sierra
Head: Wolf Boy (Urban 3)
Body: Rizzo (Muppets)
by: Justin Kim
Head: Evil Dr. Porkchop (Toy Story)
Body: Statler (Muppets)
The REAL Donkey Pinocchio
by: Mayra Sierra
Head: Pinocchio (Animation 1)
Body: Bullseye (Toy Story)
by: Mayra Sierra
Head: Zebra (Animal Kingdom)
Body: Giraffe (Animal Kingdom)
Arms: Zebra (Animal Kingdom)
“It’s pretty much my favorite animal.
It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed…
bred for its skills in magic.”
by: Dustin Hertz
Head: Lion (Animal Kingdom)
Body: Tiger (Animal Kingdom)
Colonel of Corn
by: Jesse Spaar
Head: Adventure’s Club Colonel (Park 4)
Body: Candy Corn (Holiday Tin)
Yellow Gears
by: Mae Reyes
Head: Pink/Yellow Gear (Urban 4)
Body: Blue/Yellow Gear (Urban 5)
by: Dennis Conroy
Head: Lion King (Park 2)
Body: X-Ray (Urban 5)
Centaur Mickey
by: Dustin Hertz
Head: Mickey (Cast Exclusive)
Body: Bullseye (Toy Story)
Arms: Mickey (Cast Exclusive)
Invisible Buzz Lightyear
by: Mae Reyes
Head: Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
Body: Clear Chaser (Clear 1)
Paint by Numbers 2
by: Jesse Spaar
Head: Paint Drip Mickey (Urban 4)
Body: Paint by Numbers (Urban 2)
Eggs & Ham
by: Jesse Spaar
Head: Evil Dr. Porkchops (Toy Story)
Body: Blue Bird (Trade City)
Ghosts of America
by: Bridget
Head: America Sings (Park 3)
Body: Lonesome Ghost (Have a Laugh)
Clear Blue Sky
by: Jesse Spaar
Head: Frosted Mickey (Ice Cube Tray)
Body: Clear Chaser (Clear 1)
by: Mae Reyes
Head: Super Mouse (Urban 4)
Body: Chinese Writing (Urban 2)
Knight Time
by: Dennis Conroy
Head: Knight (Urban 5)
Body: Clock Cleaners (Have a Laugh)
Cheese Burger in Paradise
by: Dustin Hertz
Head: Cheese Burger (Urban 3)
Body: Palm Trees (Urban 3)
Lonely Ghosts of Toontown
by: Bridget
Head 1: Lonesome Ghost (Have a Laugh)
Body 1: Toontown Trolley (Park 3)
Head 2: Toontown Trolley (Park 3)
Body 2: Lonesome Ghost (Have a Laugh)
Turkey Burger
by: Dennis Conroy
Head: Cheesburger (Urban 3)
Body: Turkey Leg (Holiday 1)
Fish & Chip
by Dennis Conroy
Head: Chip n Dale (Have a Laugh)
Body: Aquaramouse (Park 2)
Mountain Time
by Dennis Conroy
Head: Disney Vacation Club (DVC)
Body: Clock Cleaners (Have a Laugh)
Def Leopard
by Spin on Vinyl
Head: Leopard (Animal Kingdom)
Body: Leopard (Animal Kingdom)

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Congrats to the winners but I personally had a hard time choosing between Daft Punk and Thriller…..hmmmmm love them both! Okay, gonna go listed to the podcast now…