Jacks Has a Variant Too? More Surprises from Cutesters

Update: 3/12/11 We got a response from Maria, “The yellow jacks and pink bubbles were just concepts. I had presented some variants and not all of them were chosen to go forward with. The concept art was just for fun!” So that answers our question. There are only the three variants in Cutesters Too, although I think I would have preferred the pink bubbles to the purple ones!

Cutesters Too came out back on February 4th, and we are still finding surprises. Disney posted some original artwork in the Fun section of the Vinylmation website. This artwork revealed more variants. We now know there is a variant to Jacks and a second variant to Happy Lollipops. Here is the complete list of Cutesters Too variants side by side with the normal figure from the set.

Yellow Jacks
Update: Nope!
Pink Bubbles
Update: Nope!
Purple Bubbles
Yellow Bubbles
Yellow Happy Lollipops
Happy Lollipops
Sour Apple
(Variant Chaser)
Sweet Candy Apple
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