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Update: 5/28/11 This London Disney Store on Oxford St. had it’s Grand Opening today. It is the largest Disney Store in Europe. Check out this new store at DisneyBrit.com. Here is a turn around of the London Exclusive 9″ Double Decker Bus Vinylmation:

I have to say, although I really like the overall design of the bus and the city skyline in the windows, I am severely disappointed there are no Disney Characters on this vinyl. Remember how awesome it was to turn around the NYC Hey Taxi and see Mickey Mouse!? – Nick

The shelves were stocked with Animation, Villains, Park 6, Urban 6, UK Flags and of course the 9″ Taxi and Bus exclusives.

Update: 5/26/11 In a comment by J, we found out that the price is £30 (~$50). He also clarified that it was Oxford Street in London, not Oxford itself. Thanks J!!

Update: Thanks to @lindols for letting us know about this. The opening of the store was today, we believe this was the first time anyone could get these!

Over at Vinylnation.net user lindols found a couple of exclusive 9″ figures when they stopped by the new Disney Store at Oxford St. London (England).The London Hey Taxi! figure is very similar to the one from NYC. It’s a taxi and in the head you can see the skyline of London. There’s Big Ben and the Tower Bridge.

Pictures from vinylnation.net

The second one is the coolest I think. A double decker bus. In the window are more of London’s skyline, but the uniqueness of this vehicle makes this one a much more interesting figure.

My only regret is that these are not 3″s. I would totally snap these up if they were 3″! Especially the Double Decker Bus. – MC
What do you think of these London Exclusives?

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  • I dont like them hiding stuff like this. They could have made an announcement about these somewhere or make collectors aware of these even though they are not going to be for sale in the US

  • I think these are from the new shop on Oxford STREET in London, which I know opened today. Unless another shop also opened in Oxford, in which case these new figures would probably be in both shops…

    • They are in the Oxford Street store. At first I was confused by this post since it said Oxford. Oxford and Oxford Street are two completely different locations. I called (I live in Orlando) to check and found out they were £30 ($50). I’ve even asked my friend who’s coming from London in two weeks to pick me one of the double decker ones, can’t wait! :)

  • Hi it is great to see the vinylmations in London but how can we get 1 if we are not going

  • I’m glad that we have some exclusives, in fact two! However the design is a bit of let down, especially the black cab, way too similar to the new york exclusive. To be honest having both the double decker bus and the black cab is a bit too much, would have loved two different designs rather than just changing the mode of transport. The double decker is the nicest, therefore the black cab wasn’t really necessary. Just hoping we have a cool 3″, or some different 9″ vinylmations soon! If they can do it for San Francisco and New York why not London?
    Also note that on the box there isn’t an LE number. Could someone check on the foot of one? Plus the Disney store said they had “loads” being shipped in (they get deliveries every day, but they don’t know what they’re getting). Hoping we don’t get the same two exclusives over and over again. Also wish someone would tell the staff that the UK flag is not an exclusive, lol.

  • Have just bought a few of these figures went
    To Oxford street and asked a member of staff about disney
    Vinylmation they didn’t have a clue luckily my
    Daughter spotted them in the store there pretty

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