Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Chelsey

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Update: 05 12 11 The custom Kevin you see here designed by Chelsea is now available for purchase on eBay. Click here to visit the auction.

Last week, we featured the work of Californian artist Chelsea with her Carl and Russell Up custom Vinylmation. This week, she gives us an exclusive preview of her newly finished Kevin 9″ Vinylmation.

Destination Vinylmation: Chelsea, tell us about the design on this figure.

Chelsea: I’ve decided to stick with my 3D idea for Kevin. His feather was made out of clay.

I used a picture from the movie scene where Kevin was found by Russel and Carl in the jungle. On the back of the vinyl, I decided to use the abstract view of Carl, Russel, Doug and Kevin looking up at Paradise Falls with the house on top of it.

DV: This is a perfect use of the Vinylmation shape to draw Kevin. Is this the way you always pictured it, or were there a few different ideas before settling on this design?

Chelsea: This not the way I always pictured it. My original ideas was to draw it on both sides and show the beak in the front. However, after the initial sketch, I found it’s not the best way to show him.

DV: I enjoy when artists don’t just force a mirror image of the front onto back. The back of this figure is a beautiful depiction of the movie UP. Is it difficult to paint such a detailed image onto the Vinylmation canvas?

Chelsea: It’s quite a challenge to put such a detailed image onto the vinyl. However, as always, I do love challenges. It really took me a while to finish such a high level of detail.

DV: After looking at the finished figure, is there anything you would do differently if making another?

Chelsea: The only part that I’m not quite satisfied about this one is the pink color on his tail. It’s not the perfect pink I want. I want the pink to be lighter than this one.

DV: What is your favorite part of this figure?

Chelsea: I think my favorite part is I was able to blend the front side and back side. There’s no clear cut of the front side and back side. It naturally transitions from front to back so it looks like a whole piece.

DV: I love how colorful it is. It’s a great looking piece of art from one of my favorite movies of all-time. I know I would love to add this to my collection… Is this a one of a kind? And will it go on sale or is this for your personal collection?

Chelsea: I am planing to make 3 of them. I’ll keep one for myself for sure. (The others) will go on sale after the exclusive exhibit on Destination Vinylmation for the week. If anyone is interested in purchasing this figure before I put it up for sale, please email me at [email protected] I’ll put it on Ebay afterwards. Thanks for the continuous support.

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Nick Jerabek
Nick Jerabek

This is incredible. Very nicely done.


Love this piece, but LOVE her Optimus Prime even more!!! If only I had the $ to buy it.


Love the colors, keep up the great work.