Vinylmation Aritsts Enjoy: Dessert Keychains

Every vinylmation designer has his or her own unique interests. In this column, we will learn more about your favorite Vinylmation artists by takign a look at something they enjoy while not at work. Most of the time this will come from something they mentioned in an interview, blog, on Twitter, or Facebook. The subject may, or may not have anything to do with vinyl, art, or Disney. Be prepared!

Yesterday, Maria Clapsis tweeted, “Heidi Kenney has a new vinyl line out called Yummy Desserts! Possibly better than Yummy Breakfast.” We love Maria’s Cutesters Series, and also really enough her take on various things that she shows off in her blog. So if these are something that Maris likes, we had to a look.

What we found over at was a collection of vinyl keychains in the “Yummy Dessert” collection. The artist is Heidi Kenney. She has been a designer for a while and in 2001 she put up a a blog at to display her work.

Check out another one of the pieces from this set. Two caramel apples! Red and Green. No wonder Maria liked this so much.

Beware! This guys are adorable (and enticing). Heidi also designed the previous “Yummy” set, “Yummy Breakfast” for those who want even more!

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