ZoMG: Vinylmation Trading Night – Paradise Pier Hotel

Friday, May 6th was Trading Night at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Vinylmation and Pin collectors gathered to trade and share their collections.

This was the second trading event of the year and it was a huge success! There were at least 10 or 12 tables dedication to just Vinylmation! This was exciting because last time there were maybe only 5 or 6 tables of Vinylmation. Maybe one day we can have a Vinylmation Trading event all to ourselves!

The event took place between 7:00 – 10:00, people were coming in and out of the Paradise Pier Ballroom like crazy! People gathered for many different reasons, just to trade, looking for a few certain Vinylmation, and some just gathered to show off their collections.
It’s neat to see the different types of collectors that love Vinylmation all in one place together! You make friends, talk and have a great time. I had so much fun this past week at the Trading Event and was able to make a few great trades and get some Vinylmation that I was very excited about! Also, a lot of people recognized me from the Destination Vinylmation Blog, which was very flattering and exciting. So thank you to everyone that came by to say hi and trade!!
I hope that Disney puts together more trading nights for us to all meet up and trade our Vinylmation and maybe even show us some previews like they usually do with the Pin Preview Boards!

Everyone really made an effort to come out this time for the event! A couple of fun things that were going on at the Trading Event this time around were a trading box! I wish I had gotten a picture of this to show you guys but a nice couple that I met made their own trading box with drawers that you could walk up to and trade your own just like Disney trading boxes!

Also, another collector created a Vinylmation farm! This farm was created out of a few 9″ including Tree of Life, a custom beehive, and Goofy’s Barn Stormer! This set up was very impressive!! Their Barn set up included many Holiday 2 Corn, a couple Urban 6 Sunny Days, a Holiday 2 Ground Hog, 2 Good Luck/Bad Luck Lady Bugs, Pumpkins from Holiday 2, Mickey’s Garden from Have a Laugh, Bumble Bees from Cutesters 1, Killer Bees from Urban 6, one Green Thumb from Urban 6, a custom cow, Strawberries from Urban 4, Bullseye and Ham from Toy Story, as well as the 3″ sheep from the Toy Story Lil Bo Peep set. It turned out great and everyone loved it and was taking photos of it! Hopefully, next Trading Night there will be more set ups like this one!!
In conclusion, I believe this Trading Night was a huge success and I am looking forward to the next one! Hope to see you guys there!



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