Spotlight On: Vinylmation Custom Artist Jorge Castilla

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On of our readers sent us a message to check out this new custom artist Facebook page the other day. What we found there were some great Starbucks and Ghostbuster inspired pieces. The artist is Jorge Castilla from Chino, California. Jorge talked with us about these great custom pieces.

Destination Vinylmation: How did you come up with the name StarDucks Cafe?

Jorge: Well, it first started out as a request from my girlfriend. She really wanted something that was the best of both worlds: Disney and Starbucks. I said I’d make her a Vinylmation. So I made her one with the (now old) Starbucks logo. It came out so good I thought “you know, I bet a lot of people would really like this.” I’m sure my girlfriend and myself aren’t the only Vinyl collectors that appreciate a good coffee buzz. So I decided I was going to make more of these. But I also didn’t want Starbucks knocking on my door if these became a sensation. So we tossed a few names around and an image of Daisy Duck in the logo popped to mind! “Star Ducks!” Hey it rhymed and people would get it. I also changed the word “Coffee” to “Café”.

DV: The detail on the logo is spectacular. Is the logo on the figure hand painted or a sticker?

Jorge: Thanks! And yes it’s a sticker. It’s carefully pressed into every nook and curve of the vinyl then sealed in. It isn’t coming off! Not without really scrubbing and picking at it anyway.

DV: We really like the mixed media customs. Is that a real piece of straw up top?

Jorge: You wouldn’t get very far using it as one.

DV: What have you learned making these customs?

Jorge: Well it’s definitely opened a whole other world to me! I liked Vinylmation a lot but I had no idea about the culture that’s spawned around it and how long vinyl collectibles have really been around.

DV: You said your a coffee drinker, what is your favorite drink at StarDucks?

Jorge: I regularly order their Mint n Quacker Chips sans the chips. I really like mint but I’m afraid to know how ducks make Quacker Chips.

DV: Can we order this Vinylmation frozen?

Jorge: (gives awkward pause) This is where I give another witty answer isn’t it?

DV: Then lets move on to your Ghostbuster look a like Mickey. Tell us about this one’s inspiration.

Jorge: He’s tentatively called Lonesome Ghostbuster Mickey. Basically so he’ll pop up in searches for the Lonesome Ghost vinyl from the Laugh a Lot Series. I really liked that cartoon as a child (it was a rerun in the 80‘s) and it was a nice surprise to see one of the Lonesome Ghosts as a vinyl. Ghostbusters was also a comedic blockbuster and favorite of mine still to this day. Making a Vinyl that fused the two together was a no-brainer.

DV: You have some great detail on this figure, describe the different features.

Jorge: Mickey comes decked out in Ghostbusting gear incuding jumpsuit, elbow pads, chemical gloves, and of coarse a Proton Pack! Just about everything you need for paranormal eliminations!

DV: What is the proton pack made out of?

Jorge: ABS Plastic. It’s a plastic that holds it’s shape when molded by heat and is regularly used for many purposes; like toys for example.

DV: As a custom artist, I see you first put together some concept art on the computer. How hard is it to accurately translate your concept onto the figure. And does it ever get frustrating when you can’t?

Jorge: Oh gosh… Well when I made the graphic for the cards that come with the Star Duck vinyl, I actually made the illustration after I made one physical vinyl. So that wasn’t so bad. But with the LGB Mickey I made the illustration first. It made a great reference but it was very hard to duplicate. It’s very different working with a two dimensional and three dimensional object. I now understand why sometimes the artwork on the artist cards don’t always match the vinyl.

DV: These are great customs, I’m sure they will be popular. What else is on the way?

Jorge: Expect something else in the vein of the current Star Ducks line… a new flavor! Also expect one or two Pixar related vinyls. You heard it all here first! ;)

DV: Pixar is a very popular choice for custom artists. So, how can people contact you about purchasing your customs?

Jorge: I have a Facebook page exclusively devoted to updates and announcements on my vinylmation arts! My Seller Name on eBay is redvirtuevinylmationarts if you wish to contact me there as well. All my transactions are done on eBay.

DV: Thanks for the interview. Keep up the great work and keep in touch with all your future customs.

Jorge: Thank you for the opportunity!

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Konrad Neumann (@VinylKonrad)
Konrad Neumann (@VinylKonrad)

Yes! I love my Starducks Vinyl!!


Love the creativity, about to go check out the facebook page.


Thanks again!


i got a starducks and its great!!