Adam Roth’s 7/3/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom on July 3rd to catch the first performance of “Celebrate America!” fireworks and has a lot of newsworthy photos of the on-going work in Fantasyland & beyond to share with us:

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Wait. Could it be?

It is! The Tomorrowland ball… water thing is back from refurbishment!

Children rejoice!

The Dumbo queue is pretty much framed in Storybook Circus

While they don’t make the experience any better, I applaud the effort

We don’t really have a choice…

Looks like work started on the entrance to Big Top Souvenirs

The rock-work on Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid has made some major progress

Actually looks like the character paint is in place, the brown area might be finished!

This piece at the end is far from done

Back to the Storybook Circus construction

Barnstormer/Great Goofini is visible through the Dumbo queue

Vertical construction happening, looks like it may be for the new train station and the Casey Jr. Roundhouse

It was crowded, but it’s to be expected on days like this

The Beauty and the Beast realm is coming along very quickly

More on that shortly…

WHERE’S PIGLET? Piglet missing from the Winnie the Pooh entrance

Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine, the first piece of the Beauty and the Beast area open to guests

Probably the most exciting food cart ever…

Beauty and the Beast realm from a distance

A little more of the rock-work appearing

Maurice’s Cottage, the entrance to Enchanted Tales with Belle

The first pillar of the castle walls has risen over the walls!

We’ve been waiting a while for this

This will eventually cut across the existing Dumbo plot

You know your a Disney fan when you get excited over walls

The scrims block a lot of the view of the Beauty & The Beast area

More of the mesh is getting covered with what will be rock-work

CASTE WALL! This is what happens when news gets slow…

The Skyway is gone!

The clock tower remains

Just a big base remains

This will soon be a pathway between Liberty Square and Fantasyland

This will soon be an extended interactive queue

Goodbye Skyway station…

The Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is closed until September

The Pecos Bill’s facade is still behind tarps

The walls at the Enchanted Tiki Room moved out a while ago, guests can now not enter the area

No visible progress

Coming on or around August 15th…

A lot of shows in Monstropolis today…

Tortuga Tavern and Tomorrowland Terrace names make the board

Happy 4th of Duffy!

Is this business casual?

Guests packed the streets for the July 3rd presentation of “Celebrate America!” fireworks

Time to wait…

and wait…

and wait…

I think if you print these out, you can make a flip book!


After-party at Club 626! Anyone? No one?

So crowded, we have to walk around the park

No line for Mickey, but what else is new…

Goodnight Magic Kingdom, and happy 4th of July!

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Very comprehensive! Thanks!

Aydin Turgay
Aydin Turgay

Great to see a photo report!  I've been missing these lately.

Robert Wendt
Robert Wendt

Thanks for the pics. Work is coming along nicely.  Hopefully, they'll start work on the Dwarf's Coaster.  Too bad, the Imagineers couldn't have been given the old Skyway and made it into a Royal Pavilon of the Disney Princesses.  The old Snow White ride could have been replaced with Mr. Toad or Pinnochio.  Hate losing that ride space to the Princesses.

Alex Brueningsen
Alex Brueningsen

I completley forgot about the castle walls, then i was overjoyed when i saw the pic.